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New Releases: May 29th

Fiction Pick:

Probable Claws by Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown

I'm picking this based entirely on the title. I've not read a single Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown book, but I love the cat pun titles and it's adorable, and borderline insane, that Rita Mae gives co-author credit to her cat, Sneaky Pie.

Also, this New York Times review:

“As feline collaborators go, you couldn’t ask for better than Sneaky Pie Brown.”

—The New York Times Book Review

This review is the "but they have a great personality" of book reviews and I'm here for it.

For me, summer is all about fun, easy reads. So, maybe it's the summer of Sneaky Pie.

Non-Fiction Pick:

So Close to Being the Shit,Ya'll Don't Even Know by Retta

Any book written by Donna Meagle is a book for me. Best known for her portrayal of Donna in Parks and Recreation, Retta began her career as a stand up comedian with dreams of starring in her own Lucille Ball-esque sitcom. A collection of hilarious essays, So Close is Retta's story of rising to semi-fame in her own words. And it's going to be my next treat yourself gift. May 29, 2018, it's the best day of the year!

Jimmy Pat:

Black Book by James Patterson & David Ellis

I didn't comb the entire list, but I think this is his only release next week. And it's not even new. It's a paperback release of a previous release. Which means we should be in for a real treat next week. Like Rita Mae, Jimmy Pat has a co-author for this one. I don't know who David Ellis is, but I think he's a human. Speaking of humans, I didn't know JP had a sci-fi book. It's called Bow Down, Humans. Fitting.

Our pick of the week:

Calypso by David Sedaris

David Sedaris is back with yet another collection of hilarious essays.

And, as always, when David gets brought up, I have to remind everyone of that one time he liked my eyebrows.

So, whether essays or mysteries are your jam, there's something for you next week. There are also a healthy number of books featuring shirtless men coming out next week.

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