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So Many Social Engagements, So Little Time

First Tuesday - June 5th

It's that time again; tomorrow is First Tuesday and there is SO MUCH HAPPENING. We're starting off the evening at Belle Starr Antiques (because that's where our office is.) Then, we're heading to Brunwick for snow cones because it's one million degrees. The ladies at Bookish will be hanging out at their new shop. Holy Smokes! is performing at Garrison Commons. What I Am Not premieres at the Bastion Gallery. So much happening and there's something for everyone. So, come downtown and do something.

The Fox on the Fairway - all week

The Fort Smith Little Theatre is doing a production of Ken Ludwig's play and it is hilarious. It's zany, but in the best way possible. It's so much fun. If you're looking for something to do that's inside, because it's a million degrees, go check out this play.

RAM Annual Invitational - June 7th

My amazing and talented friend, Shannon, submitted a piece and it was chosen to be part of this show. Of course it was. Because she's amazing and talented. She's so talented that, while we're there, she'll probably make a complete diorama out of trash she found in the parking lot. Come check out her work and the all the work!

Kevin Johnson's first novel is available for pre-order - June 8th

Kevin's debut novel, The Hill, will be available for pre-order. The Hill, set in Booneville, Arkansas, it follows the story of Jake Myers. He grew up hearing stories of the hauntings on the hill, but he never believed them. When Booneville locals traded tales about the spirits who inhabited the old Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium, he chalked them up to urban legends.

Jake, fascinated with history, jumps at the chance to join a ghost tour of the sanatorium. He has no idea just how close to that history he’ll get. Jake falls down a staircase and wakes up to discover he’s somehow stumbled more than sixty years into the past. Jake has no idea how he arrived in 1948 and even less of an idea of how to get home. Forced to adapt to his circumstances, he takes a job at the sanatorium and vows to keep his head down until he figures out what’s going on.

Against his better judgement, he befriends some of the patients and staff. He’s immediately struck by the strength and resilience of the people around him and soon finds himself torn between the past and his present. But, the suspicions of one wary doctor may destroy his chances for happiness in either.

Ronald Pollworth's book signing at Chapters on Main - June 9th

Later this week, we're heading to Van Buren for a book signing with Ronald Pollworth, author of Heartache Along the Cannonball. We'll be at Chapters on Main from 12:00-2:00. Grab a copy ahead of time, or pick one up in store. Just come see us!

Also, Father's Day is just around the corner. If your father or father figure likes westerns, this would make a perfect gift.

It’s 1905 and Charlie Adams of Cumberland, Wisconsin, has just turned 16. Little does he know that his parents have made plans that will chart a new lifestyle for the young Charlie. His father has announced that he is selling his forty-acre farm to claim a one-hundred, sixty-acre homestead in Mandan, North Dakota. Charlie has just fallen in love with his first girlfriend. He has defended this love against the schoolyard bully. All he knows is farming and logging. His life takes on new meaning as he and his family take the wearisome wagon ride to Mandan. Shortly after the family claims their homestead, Charlie’s father hires him out to rancher to help maintain a 500-head spread over the winter and through spring branding season.

This begins Charlie’s new life – learning to draw and shoot a revolver, rope cattle, track cattle rustlers – to becoming a cowboy on the North Dakota rangeland.

Heartache Along the Cannonball is the true story of Charlie Adams who came of age at a very different time, when the country was expanding westward. The story is captured by first-time author Ronald L. Pollworth, a great-nephew of Charlie’s.

Whether BMX bikes, live theatre, live music, art gallery openings, book signings, or snow cones are your thing, there's plenty to do this week.

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