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My Favorite Thing: Wunderbrow

Okay, it's pretty well-known that I have, according to David Sedaris, bold eyebrows. Well, maybe I was born with it, maybe it's Wunderbrow. Little of column A, a little of column B. I was born with it, but then the '90s happened with their pencil thin brows so I ruined mine. So, now, it's definitely Wunderbrow. Normally, any company that purposely misspells a word in their brand name is a no go for me. But, I looked past the cringe-worthy spelling of wonder and took a chance. Boy, am I glad I did.

It doesn't smudge

Wunderbrow is a gel that can be applied to the skin around your eyebrow to give it some shape and fill in those bald spots. And, once it's on, it does not move. So, have an oil-based remover handy. The first time I applied it, I didn't read the directions at all. I went a little heavy and looked like Frida for a couple of days. At which point I read that it could be removed with an oil-based product. I didn't have one so I used coconut oil. It worked beautifully so that's what I still use. And I don't even use fancy coconut oil.

I can attest that Wunderbrow survives hot yoga, the ocean, running, and basically everything else. It's officially hot outside so having a smudge-proof product is important.

It's very reasonably priced

Which is great because, since I've been watching RuPaul's Drag Race, my brows have been bigger, bolder, and styled for the gawds. So, I'm going through it more quickly than I normally do. It's fine, though, because it's less than twenty bucks on Amazon and, even when I go overboard, one tube still lasts me about eight weeks.

It's versatile

I went to a Roaring '20s party so I needed the pencil thin droopy brows. No problem. I needed thicker brows for a Halloween costume. No problem. You can fill in as little or as much as you want. And Wunderbrow comes in all the shades. From super blonde to jet black, they have your bald spots covered.

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