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C.B. Strike. Finally.

I have been waiting for well over a year for the BBC series based on Robert Galbraith's novels to be available in the United States. I'd resigned to the fact that it was never, ever going to happen. Then, my friend mentioned watching it and I remembered it was coming to Cinemax in June. And then I remembered I can easily get Cinemax and that it was June. I've been busy and all my days are running together. It's fine. So, after one of the most difficult and sweatiest yoga classes I've ever taken, I settled in to watch it. I was not disappointed. Well, I was a little disappointed. I wanted all the episodes, not just two.

First of all, Robin could not be more perfect. The casting director nailed that one. And I instantly hated Matthew. Like, the second they showed us his dumb face I was mad, so they did a good job there as well. Nothing against the actor, I'm sure he's a lovely person. I can't imagine it would be easy playing a guy literally no one likes.

Secondly, I'm totally on board with the minor changes they've made. I actually like it when adaptations of books I loved stray a little from the source material. Except when they do a terrible job. Lookin' at you, person who totally messed up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Anyway, the minor changes in Cuckoo are, so far, fine. They move the story along and it keeps it interesting for those of us who have read the book. Or even read the book repeatedly like I have done. How J.K. manages to write a murder mystery that is still engaging even though you know who the killer is, I'll never know. But she does it.

Oh, yeah, in case you're way behind, Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling. And the Strike series is so, so good. It is drastically different from her Harry Potter series and worlds better than Casual Vacancy. To be fair, though, this blog post is more enjoyable than Casual Vacancy. It's just not good. So, skip it and read the Strike novels instead. I'll just be over here waiting on book four like:

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