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Newish Releases To Add To Your TBR

Fiction Pick

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

Okay, so, I didn't like this book. But, A LOT of people did. And it's important to also feature books I maybe didn't care for. Honestly, I think I chose the wrong format. That happens sometimes. I went with the audio because it's read by Nick Offerman and David Sedaris...and roughly one hundred and forty three other people. It was too busy for my brain.

Centered around the facts surrounding young Willie Lincoln's death and the reaction and grief of his father, President Lincoln, Saunders ventures into the supernatural as the boy hangs out in purgatory, listening to his fellow residents, some completely made up, some based on historical figures, as they make peace with their death, bargain, carry out acts of penance, and mingle with each other. Though it was not my cup of tea, I can appreciate the writing and the imagination.

Non-Fiction Pick

I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

I know I have talked about this book almost constantly since reading it. But, that's because it's so good. Like, really good. It's also very scary. Maybe it's less scary now that the guy has been captured, but I have no way of knowing that. All I know is, Michelle McNamara had a remarkable way of making this book about her obsessive search for the Golden State Killer not about the GSK at all. Unlike so many true crime novels, this one doesn't dwell on him. He is simply a catalyst. So, read it already!

What's JP Up To?

Everything, y'all. 17th Suspect*, The President is Missing, Princess: a Private Novel,** and a couple of newish non-fictions just to name a few things. This guy is everywhere. EVERY. WHERE. It's ridiculous. But, if your goal is to be a household name with gobs and gobs of dollars, Jimmy Pat has cracked the code. I mean, I know I kinda bash him on a weekly basis, but he doesn't care because he's far too busy Scrooge McDuckin' it in a swimming pool full of money.

*Subtitled Woman's Murder Club. I'm confused. A club devoted to the murder of a single woman?

** Still the greatest subtitle of all time. Because what?

Our Pick of the Week

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

LFE is set in Shaker Heights, a quiet suburb of Cleveland. The Richardson family seems to have everything. And everything is in order. At least Mrs. Richardson likes to think so. When a single mother, Mia, and her teenage daughter move into the Richardson's rental property, their lives are forever changed.

The Richardson children are drawn to Mia and her daughter Pearl. They live a nomadic lifestyle, Mia selling just enough art to sustain them before they move on to the next place. But, Shaker Heights is different. Pearl loves it; she's made friends with the Richardson kids and she's thriving. Mia decides to settle down. She takes a job cleaning the Richardson home, works part time at a restaurant, and she takes an interest in mentoring one of the Richardson daughters.

Then, something happens that puts a strain on the relationship between the Richardsons and their tenant. While trying to uncover the secrets of Mia's past, Mrs. Richardson learns some of her own family's secrets. So, basically, mind yours unless you want to get knee deep in your own crap.

Aren't interested in any of these? Try one of these instead.

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