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Ryanne's Recommendation

This weeks book recommendation is Fredrik Backman's debut novel, A Man Called Ove. I stumbled upon this book last year and instantly fell in love with Ove. Probably because I have a soft spot for curmudgeons. And, boy, is he one. He doesn't speak to his neighbors, he finds something wrong with all of them, he is the epitome of "get off my lawn" while shaking a cane. He's basically Clint Eastwood in Gran Turismo*. Behind his cranky-man exterior is a story of loss, loneliness, and sadness.

Ove's wife has recently passed. He's of the opinion that there's really no reason for him to carry on. Except who will feed the stray cat? So, having sorted that out, he begins planning his suicide. Then the new neighbors move in, crushing his mailbox in the process. Forced to speak to the chatty neighbors, and their two children, Ove begins to find reasons to stick around. It's a beautiful story of an unlikely friendship and finding purpose when you think there is none.

I've read other Backman books, but this one takes the cake.

*If you haven't seen this movie, watch it. But only if you feel like sobbing your face off.

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