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Newish Releases: July 3

Fiction Pick

The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand

It's wedding season in Nantucket. Tourist abound. Natives are annoyed. So, typical summer in Nantucket. Then, a bride-to-be is murdered. Uh, oh. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is a suspect. Even the famous mystery novelist who is part of the wedding party. Honestly, that would be my first guess. And, since I can be unbelievably stubborn, I would stick with my first guess. Which is why I am not a detective.

Hilderbrand brought back some beloved characters from her previously released books, A Summer Affair and The Castaways. I hope one of them was the volleyball. Oh, wait, wrong Castaway. This seems like one of those books you'd read if you are fortunate enough to go to a beach this summer. Read a chapter, get in the ocean, read a chapter, drink a rum drink. Repeat. So, if you're heading out on vacay, take The Perfect Couple with you!

Non-Fiction Pick

Homelands: Four Friends, Two Countries, and the Fate of the Great Mexican-American Migration

Award-winning journalist and immigration expert, Alfredo Corchado, tells the story of four immigrants who met at a restaurant in Philadelphia in 1987. Each felt isolated, not knowing many immigrants or having a sense of community. Through their common story, the activist, the lawyer, the restaurateur, and the budding journalist became friends.

Homelands is equal parts political story and personal, spanning decades. In our current political climate, especially surrounding immigration, file this under relevant and read it. I ordered my copy this morning.

What's James Patterson Up To?

He's on a whirlwind book tour with Bill Clinton. I saw them on the Daily Show. While researching what JP is up to, I stumbled upon an article he wrote about how to write an "unputdownable" book. Add making up words to his list of accomplishments! I skimmed it because I really don't care. But, one section stuck out for me. The person who wrote the article intro says "even dwarfing sales of both Harry Potter and Twilight" Well, yeah. It's easy to outsell even a brilliant series like Harry Potter when you release, like, forty books a year. HP is seven brilliant, perfect books. Twilight, in my opinion, is wet garbage, but it's super popular. But, again, it's four books. How could they be expected to keep up with JP? When your method is quantity over quality, you're probably going to come out on top. So, that's what JP is up to.

Our Pick of the Week

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Oprah picked it and I'm here for it. I haven't quite finished it but, unless the last third of it is complete nonsense, this is a four, maybe five, star book. Roy and Celestial have been married for a very short time. When, while visiting his parents in Louisiana, Roy is arrested for a crime he one hundred percent didn't commit. He is convicted and sentenced to twelve years in prison. An American Marriage is an honest look at the fragility of a relationship when the stress of separation and a wrongful conviction are applied. The story is told from Roy's perspective, Celestial's perspective, and that of Andre, Celestial's best friend since childhood. Not only does it put marriage under a microscope, but it touches on the criminal justice system and the complexity of relationships in general, not just marriages.

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