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Another book recommendation from yours truly. This week, and I can't believe it's taken me so long to recommend this one, it's Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. There is not a thing in the world wrong with this book. I am a huge fan of Liane Moriarty. Her writing style is so rad. She starts every book with an event. Like, something major has happened, but you have no idea what it is. But you must know. So you keep reading. It's brilliant, but I can see how, if the big reveal wasn't amazing, you'd feel like you wasted a lot of time. Liane delivers every single time. I like all her books, but Big Little Lies is one of my favorites.

Big Little Lies centers around a group of women. Madeline, a funny, blunt, in-your-face type, is pissed that her ex-husband and his stunning wife, Bonnie, have moved to the neighborhood. Not only that, but their children will now be in the same kindergarten class. Awkward.

Celeste, who appears to have the perfect husband and darling twin boys, is harboring a terrible, potentially life-threatening, secret.

Jane, a young, single-mother, is trying to escape her past.

And then there's Renata Klein. She's intense. And, though, not initially a member of Madeline's squad, things take a turn and we discover how awesome Renata really is.

The book opens with the aftermath of a trivia night school fundraiser. Someone is dead. I've been to many a trivia night. They get crazier than you would think. From there, we work backward and discover tension has been building between Renata and Madeline and her crew since kindergarten orientation.

This book is such a fun summer read. There's drama, some of very petty, but, in the end, this is a book about the complexity of relationships. Relationships between husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, exes who just want what's best for their kids, and women.

So, read the book and then watch the AMAZING television adaptation on HBO. It's stellar and, though initially upset about, I'm starting to look forward to the second season. I want to see where they take this phenomenal characters.


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