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Recommendation: Saga

This week's recommendation is Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fiona Staples. Saga is kind of Romeo and Juliet in space and without the suicide. A planet is at war with its own moon, which seems counter productive. Like most wars, the conflict spreads; involving planets from across the galaxy, each choosing a side.

The story is occasionally narrated by Hazel, the love child of Marko and Alana. Alana and Marko, both soldiers on opposing sides, meet and fall in love while Marko is held captive by Alana's side. She helps him escape and they flee together. When rumors spread that they have had a child together, several groups of people begin hunting them. As the little family is being pursued, they have to keep on the move and we get to meet the entire casts. Some trying to help them, others trying to kill them. All of them interesting.

Also, there's this little guy. He's adorable.

And Lying Cat, who might just be my favorite character.

Fiona Staples is a brilliant illustrator; these books are beautiful. And, yes, comics are books. I'm a recovering book snob. I began my college years as an English major and, in my infinite early twenties wisdom, decided classics were dumb (I stand by this statement) trendy books like Harry Potter were dumb (Completely wrong about this one), and the only books worth my time were edgier writers like Burroughs and other beat writers like him. Like I said, huge snob. Anyway, I caved on the Harry Potter thing the night the fourth book came out and have been broadening my literary horizons ever since. Although, ten years ago, I would have still argued that comics are, in fact, not books. I'm glad I finally grabbed issue one of Y the Last Man. It completely changed my mind about comics. Since then, I've become a comic junkie. Fables, Bone, Wolverine Origins, Persepolis, Maus, and, of course, Saga.

So, if you haven't already, give comics a chance. You might just change your mind. I mean, take another look at that white seal in hims little overalls. How can you not want to read it?

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