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Ryanne's Recommendation

Today's recommendation is a little different because it's show, not a book. But, it's an adaptation from a book so it still counts.

Sharp Objects on HBO. Get after it. If you like southern, gothic, murder mysteries, you'll love this show. Camille, born and raised in Wind Gap, Missouri. She left for St. Louis the moment she could. Camille works as a journalist and her editor sends her back to Wind Gap on assignment. There's been a murder and a second girl is missing. Going home probably isn't the best thing for Camille's mental health. Her mother, step-father, and half-sister still live in Wind Gap, but Camille avoids them when possible. For good reason. Her mom is...intense. She is best described as followed, I'm paraphrasing a podcaster from a podcast I don't even listen to, but my friend does. So, this is third hand paraphrasing, but it's fine. Adora Preaker is Ms. Havisham if Tennessee Williams had written her instead of Charles Dickens. Which is the most accurate thing I've ever third hand heard in my life. I love Ms. Havisham and feel Tennessee Williams would have done a stellar job with her. Plus, Adora Preaker wears heels to breakfast in her own home. Who does that? Adora, that's who. Patricia Clarkson was the perfect choice; she's a magical person. I equal parts love her and am terrified of her.

Anyway, back to Sharp Objects.

Camille, portrayed perfectly by Amy Adams, goes home, reluctantly stays with her family, and becomes bombarded with the demons she sort of manages to keep at bay while in St. Louis. As with Big Little Lies, HBO has knocked it out of the park with this one. I mean, I know the ending and I'm still intrigued. So, if you have HBO, watch it. If you don't, this show is worth the monthly add-on charge.

I know I normally recommend books, but when an adaptation of a book I love is done so well, I can't help but recommend it. I read Sharp Objects when it first came out, so it's been long enough that I'm a little fuzzy on the ending. The show is so well done that, even if I did remember how it ends, I'd still like it. I can say this with 100% certainty because it was true with Big Little Lies and it's holding true with this one.

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