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Ryanne's Recommendation: 8/10

I was feeling pretty uninspired this morning. Coming up with a book recommendation once a week may sound easy, but it isn't and, sometimes, I'm just not feeling it. So, I enlisted some help. We are fortunate enough to rent office space from Beth at Belle Starr Antiques. I was at her desk whining like I do and she recommended Archibald's Next Big Thing. YES!

Archibald's Next Big Thing is a children's book by Tony Hale. Yep. Buster Bluth wrote a children's book and it's adorable. He is likely the only Bluth who could pull off adorable. Archibald Strutter is a newly-hatched chicken who is desperately trying to find his place in the world, often comparing himself to his brother and sister. He's insecure. He's anxious. He's most of us, really. He receives an anonymous letter that reads "Your next big thing is here." He and his bee friend set out trying to find "here". Archibald goes on adventure after adventure, but doesn't really enjoy any of it because he's getting ahead of himself; already planning his next big thing, failing to realize he's missing all the things because he's looking for bigger and better things. With the help of his friend, Archibald discovers how to live in the now and enjoy the moment. It's totally okay to dream big and search for your next big thing, just don't forget to enjoy what's happening now.

"Archibald goes on countless wacky wonderful adventures but is always in search of the next big thing. The lesson he learns by the end of the book is to stop and appreciate the here and now. It’s a good message for kids and adults and the style of the book is fun to read with really stellar illustrations, graphics and typography . . . It’s long and in depth, while still being a big picture book." —Mommy Shorts, blog

At 72 pages, this book is perfect for kiddos five to seven years old. And those of us who, while much older than that, still don't have a ten year plan. I rarely have a ten day plan. And that's totally fine. Also, don't be afraid to call in reinforcements. Thanks for the help, Beth, you're a lovely gal!

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