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  • Ryanne Harper

Ryanne's Recommendation: 9/7

Today is a dedication to one of my favorite shows. Ever. Adventure Time. I know it's a cartoon, but hear me out; it's such a good show with some very valuable lessons.

Like this one:

The last episode of Adventure Time aired this past Monday and I'm so sad that it's over. While I love the relationship between Finn and Jake, my favorite thing about Adventure Time is the diverse cast of characters. There's someone for everyone in the Land of Ooo. My husband really likes the Ice King. I do too, and I accidentally call the Night King from Game of Thrones Ice King all the time. Not even close to the same person. Everyone can relate to someone from Adventure Time. I, for example, am basically the Earl of Lemongrab. It's unfortunate, but it's also true. I'm most like the most annoying character on the entire show and I've come to terms with it.

When I find things particularly unacceptable, I can always watch an episode or two of Adventure Time and everything seems better. It may not actually be better, but it seems that way and, sometimes, that's the most you can hope for.

So, for me, Adventure Time is more than a dumb cartoon. And it's more than a dumb cartoon for a lot of people. I mean, I've gone to yoga classes inspired by Adventure Time. They were really great classes, by the way. In the spirit of Jake, I really, really sucked for most of it, but I had a great time failing and even found a little success.

Adventure Time deals with some very difficult issues like death and anxiety in fun, creative ways that make them seem less daunting and scary. Unlike a lot of cartoons and shows, Finn is a very emotional child. And a boy. It's unusual and refreshing to see a boy on television who cries, gets angry, is empathetic, ya' know, has an actual emotional range. It's extra refreshing to see his friends comfort him rather than make fun of him for crying or being empathetic or being a human person.

So, yeah, it's a silly cartoon, but i think it's a great one for kids and adults alike. Make yourself some bacon pancakes or the world's greatest sandwich and watch a few episodes. You'll see what I mean.

And I'll leave you with Tree Trunks, a top-notch adventurer and adorable elephant.

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