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New Releases: October 2nd

It's Tuesday so, as always, there are thousands of new books hitting the stands, virtual and actual, today. In the spirit of Halloween, most of my recommendations and featured books this month will deal with the scary or the super natural.

Today's featured book is An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris. The woman who brought us Sookie Stackhouse and, more importantly, Eric Northman is back, back, back again. Charlaine Harris is my guilty pleasure; I love her. Her books are fun and you don't have to think too much about them. Sometimes, I like that.

An Easy Death introduces us to a new heroine, Lizbeth Rose. It is also an alternative history book, which I also love. The United States is divided over the assassination of Franklin Roosevelt. Lizbeth is a gunslinger who is hired by a pair of Russian wizards to track down the man they believe can save their tsar. But, of course, the trio meets some opposition along the way. It's a little bit Gunslinger, a little bit True Blood; it sounds absurd and I already love it.

What else is out today? Well, a ton of stuff, including a poetry collection by the late Ursula K. Le Guin. Poet, essayist, and acclaimed science fiction writer, Ursula K. Le Guin passed away in January of this year, shortly after completing her final work, a collection of poetry titled So Far So Good.

Out today in nonfiction, a collection of essays on writing by celebrated children's author, Philip Pullman. In Daemon Voices: Essays on Stroytelling, Pullman, author of the Golden Compass series, discusses his process, his thoughts on writing, and even how he developed some of his own ideas in funny, thoughtful essays written over the last twenty years.

As someone who has recently written and published a book, I find reading about writing interesting. I like to know how "real" writers do it. Because I don't take myself seriously enough to consider myself a "real" writer. Not yet, anyway. But, I do know my process and I'm always interested to hear how other creative types work.

As always, I have to take a jab at James Patterson. It wouldn't be a proper Tuesday if I didn't. He said in a recent interview that, while he doesn't write most of his books, he is heavily involved in the outlining process. Okay. I'll give you that, Jimmy Pat. However, I am curious about his outlining process. I've outlined books before. Sometimes you have to be detailed and help the writer out. Sometimes you don't. So, his outlines could just be this: murder happens, Alex Cross solves it, we hand manuscript over to my publisher, I make a ton of money and no one even knows who you are. Thanks.

That's my assumption, anyway. I could be totally wrong.

Interested to see what else is out today? Click here for more information.

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