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New Releases: October 9th

In the spirit of Halloween, today's new releases are brought to you by Anne Rice, Stephen King, and the truly terrifying, James Patterson.

Ladies first, Anne Rice is back with a brand new invention, well, not really. Blood Communion is a Lestat book. That's the brilliant thing about writing about vampires; they don't die, so you can just keep telling their stories forever. Lestat is speaking directly to his vampire tribe, discussing his rise to power, his struggles to remain in power, and the external threat that his always working to bring him down. In my head, it is very much the Scar speaking to the hyenas scene from The Lion King so I will never, ever be able to take this book seriously. The vampire tribe should be prepared, you never know what's coming for you and also, if we learned anything from Scar at all, they probably shouldn't trust Lestat too much. I just hope that Lestat is respected, saluted, and seen for the wonder that he is.

Elevation, set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, is Stephen King's newest and it isn't actually out yet. It's hitting the shelves on October 30th. Books-A-Million calls it a "timely, upbeat tale." We'll see, BAM, we'll see. I've read a lot of Stephen King and I have never once felt "upbeat". But, whatever. If I know anything about BAM, it's that they oftentimes have no idea what they're talking about. So, Elevation tells the story of Scott. Though he looks the same and, he's got a bit of a weight problem. And, weirdly, he weighs the exact same whether he's wearing clothes or not. He is also entrenched in a battle with the married lesbian couple next door. His beef with them is solely dog poop related, but the trio become allies as the town, who want no part of married gay couples, comes for the women. The Guardian called it "as gloriously joyful as 'It's a Wonderful Life'". Either Stephen King has turned over a new leaf or both BAM and The Guardian are conspiring in an elaborate prank. I guess I'll have to read it for myself to find out.

James Patterson and James O. Born (I don't know who that is, but I'm listing his name because he is likely the person who actually wrote the book) have collaborated on a new Michael Bennett thriller, Ambush. Two cartels are fighting over the New York opioid trade. Michael Bennett is literally the ONLY person who can help. Despite there being millions of people in New York. Bennett, being the prima detective, dispatches a bunch of folks to find an assassin. There are forty-seven red herrings, some murders, mysterious injuries, a turncoat, and it's still up to Bennett to handle it all by himself. When you want something done right, you have James O. Born do it and slap your name on. Oh...wait. #dumbleburn.

Interested in other new releases? Click the link.

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