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Creepy Reads for Halloween: R.L. Stine

Hi, I’m Bob. And yes, I’m a sentient ventriloquist dummy. Am I out to turn you into my human slave? Not today. Today I’m here to talk about Fear Street. As you can imagine, R.L. Stine is not a popular man among my people, but I decided to read some of his books to see if he’s all that bad.

First of all, why does anyone move to Fear Street? The supernatural chicanery starts before you can unpack your jammies. Fear Street doesn’t have HOA fees; they have DOA fees. What I’m saying is nothing good ever happens on Fear Street. Here’s my unvarnished (get it!) opinion of a few of the books.

Bad Dreams

Maggie is stoked to find that the last homeowners left an antique bed when her family moved to Fear Street. BUT she is quickly plagued by dreams of murder and her swim teammates start dropping like flies. Not shockingly, a girl was murdered in the very bed that Maggie stubbornly continues to sleep in. Is a ghost doing all of these crimes? Is it her jealous little sister? Is it someone else entirely? Why doesn’t she just sleep on the damn couch? WHY DO PEOPLE MOVE TO FEAR STREET?

Cheerleaders-The First Evil

Firstly, Stine had the pinecones to name one of the characters Corky Corcoran. You just need to be prepared for that. The whole book is about a cheerleader who dies in a freak accident and then the evil spirit of Sarah Fear possesses her fresh corpse. This one has curses and wackadoo cemetery dancing but it’s not nearly as fun as it should be. This is the first book of a trilogy so maybe the two subsequent evils are more entertaining. I’m not down to find out.

Wrong Number

New phone. Who dis? Deena and her mischievous friend, Jade, decide to prank some folks. When Deena’s stepbrother Chuck moves in and joins in on the fun, he accidentally calls THE WRONG NUMBER. There’s a woman on the other end begging for her life. Chuck and the gang head over to Fear Street to try and save her. Will they get there in time? Nope. Will they be blamed for the murder? Most definitely. Will they use wigs and other means of disguise to try and prove their innocence? Probably.

Halloween Party

Terry isn’t exactly the most popular so, when he and his girlfriend are invited to a super exclusive Halloween on Fear Street, he and Niki jump at the chance. The guest list doesn’t make a lick of sense and no one knows what Justine’s deal is, just that she’s stacked. Niki is a little suspicious and does some sleuthing. Turns out Justine plans to “make them all pay.” Despite this information, she goes to the party anyway. Once Justine’s motives are revealed, the crew barely makes it out alive. Just another day on Fear Street!

The New Girl

Cory is super stoked about Anna, the new girl at school. Things get weird when he tries to creep her and can’t find any of her school files. He tries calling her house, but the man who answers insists that Anna is dead. Then he gets a call from Anna asking him to meet her at her place on Fear Street. Cory agrees. They kiss, which solidifies her existence in his mind. Cory and his friend Lisa continue trying to creep on Anna and meet Anna’s brother, Brad, who insists that Anna is, in fact, Dead. WHAT?!?! One day Cory overhears a fight between Anna and Brad. Turns, out, Anna is actually an imposter named Willa, Brad is not crazy. The same cannot be said for the plot of this book.

All this typing has made my tiny hands tired. So, read some Stine. Or, check out these reads:

Ten by Gretchen McNeil. Y'all this book is hella scary. And this is coming from someone who is hella scary! Ten teens go on a three day trip. Never a good idea. One of them is a killer!

Fall: An Ermahgerd Merstery by Smoky Lynx and Charlaine LeRoux.

Are you in the mood for something a little lighter? Fall: An Ermahgerd Merstery may be your grape jelly. It's funny with just the right amount of mystery sprinkled in!

Want more creepy reads? Check out our other blog posts!

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