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The Reckoning, John Grisham

The Reckoning is set in Clanton, Mississippi (1946). The town is shook when the town darling, decorated World War 2 hero, Pete walked into the Methodist Church and shot his pastor and friend. When asked why, he offered no explanation, making it difficult for his defense attorney. I'm sure this is no surprise to anyone, but The Reckoning is set in a courtroom. But, unlike his other work, the setting also includes an insane asylum in the Jim Crow south and war torn Philippines.

The Reckoning, like most of Grisham's work, is filled to the brim with legal suspense. I like John Grisham every now and again. For me, the formula for all his books is pretty much the same, so I don't read him often. But, I do pick one up occasionally and this one sounds just different enough for my liking.


Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff, Myquillyn Smith

In Cozy Minimalist Home, the author breaks down how it's possible to stick to your style aesthetic without having SO MUCH STUFF. Look, I have a lot of stuff. Like, way too much stuff. But I really like my stuff, so...I don't know. I love the idea of minimalism, it's just a struggle to incorporate it. Luckily, there are a ton of books out there to help you do just that. I do love the irony of buying more things to learn how to have fewer things. So, I assume, the author intends you to purchase the digital copy.

This book in particular really enforces the cozy aspect, which is cool. I'm all about the minimalist aesthetic on Instagram, but in real life, I need forty-seven crocheted blankets. I need books. I need my things. So, learning how to narrow it down while keeping my most precious treasures is just what I need.

What's Jimmy Pat Up To?:

Jimmy Pat, who has released three or four books this month, is taking a well-deserved break before pelting us with MORE new releases in November.

It's been a minute, so I headed over to his site to check out some movie reviews. He gave Venom a C-, A Star is Born an A+, and, though he normally enjoys Denzel, he just had to give Equalizer 2 a B-. He knocks a lot of movies for having a silly, or unrealistic plot. Hilarious coming from a guy who has a book shot about a guy who's super rich and too busy to find a wife, so he buys a billboard that proclaims he'll give someone a million bucks to marry him.

Pick of the Week:

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts, Matthew Reinhart and Kevin Wilson

I will forever and always choose Harry Potter books when they're available. Always. And this week is a pop-up, which makes it even better. Matthew Reinhart is a pop-up engineer, which sounds like a super cool job, and he engineers the crap out of the castle, the Forbidden Forest, and the Quidditch Pitch. If you love Harry Potter half as much as I do, you need this book for your collection. Even if you're a minimalist!

Did you miss last week's new releases? Read it here!

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