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Creepy Reads for Halloween: Pet Sematary

I read this book when I was roughly eleven-years-old. I took it, presumably without permission, from my mom's Stephen King collection. I read it in secret at night. Super good idea!

Pet Sematary did two things:

1. It scared the bejeezus out of me.

2. It made me forever question the correct spelling of the word cemetery. Like, is there an "a"? I don't know. I have to Google it every time and I am naturally good at spelling. '

So, what is Pet Sematary? Well, first of all, it's a bad idea. I know it's super sad when your pets die, but it's just best they're kept that way. Also, if you're a medical doctor, trust your gut and your training when the old man next door tells you about the REAL cemetery that will bring dead things back to life. Don't do it.

Doctor Louis, his wife, their two children, and their cat move to Maine for a job. Louis becomes friendly with the elderly couple next door, Jud even becomes a bit of a father figure to Louis. When the rest of his family is away, Louis discovers Church, the cat, has been run over by a car. Jud, in an attempt to help him out, encourages him to bury Church on the old Micmac Indian burial ground. He'll come back good as new-ish. Louis thinks this is bananagrams, but he does it anyway. He goes home and forgets all about it...until the cat came back the very next. We thought it was a goner, but nah.

Louis' family returns and, though Church is clearly not alright, they go on, business as usual. Except the daughter wants nothing to do with the cat because he smells bad. Because he's dead.

Then tragedy strikes. Thanks to a bit of foreshadowing when we first met Jud, we knew this was coming, but it's still sad. Gage, the little boy, goes the way of Church. In his grief, Louis digs up his son's body and buries him in the magic cemetery. Look, this just proves that grief will make you do insane things. This is a medical doctor who knows better and he still did it. Gage comes back. But he's not himself. At all; he's a little monster. There's a whole lot of murder, a house fire, and all out chaos. Like, it's nuts, everyone is dead except Louis. He, you guessed it, gave the cemetery one more go and buried his wife, hoping the third time is the charm, I guess. The end of the book is absolutely chilling.

I've seen the movie. I'll watch the new one when it comes out next year. And it will scare me. I just can't help myself when it comes to Stephen King.

Looking for more creepy reads? Check out this blog.

Oh, and here's a trailer for the new movie. It looks rad.

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