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Family Trust, Kathy Wang

I chose this one because BuzzFeed chose it for the inaugural book club selection. I know BuzzFeed booted our article from the Community page, but I have nothing but love for BuzzFeed. I mean, where else can you get actual news updates and create your perfect Starbucks drink to determine when you'll get married? No where!

Stanley Huang is a father, husband, and ex-husband who really enjoys the more expensive things in life. He has two adult children, two grandchildren, and a small fortune. He also has pancreatic cancer. As the family comes to terms with Stanley's impending death, they release the small fortune is, well, tiny. Family Trust deals with cultural expectations, career goals and expectations, and how we deal with those who know us best...our family.


The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman

Love Story came out earlier this month and I still haven't read it. I just haven't had the time for it. But, it sounds hilarious. Megan and Nick met while working on a play together. She as an actress, he as a carpenter. They hit it off and the rest is hammers, books, jigsaw puzzles, and low-brow humor. I expect nothing less from the real life Ron Swanson and Tammy 2.

What's Up With James Patterson?:

You guys, I'm a little concerned. Jimmy Pat hasn't released a book since October 8th. Three entire weeks with no new JP. What are the people to do besides catch up on the back log of James Patterson's from earlier in the year. I'm worried that, when the books do start rolling out again, it's going to be an onslaught of non-stop Jimmy Pat, leaving room for nothing else. My literary nightmare come true.

But, seriously, he's taking a well-deserved break. Good for him.

My Pick of the Week:

I Might Regret This, Abbi Jacobson

IMRT is a collection of essays, poetry, drawings, vulnerabilities, and other stuff by my spirit human Abbi Jacobson. I first discovered Abbi Jacobson when person after person told me I reminded them of this woman from Broad City. And then they'd send me this clip:

I have watched every single episode of Broad City repeatedly. It's hilarious. They just wrapped their fifth and final season and, while I'm sad it's going to be over soon, I'd much rather they stop while the show is still good. Lookin' at you, Walking Dead. So, this book. I'm excited to read it because I feel like, based on the show and her Instagram, I relate to Abbi a lot. I'm interested to read the essays. She's awkward, charming, smart, and hilarious; I can't to read what she has to say.

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