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Reading Challenge: 12/3

The Goal is fifty-two.

Current count is...fifty-four. Yep. I did it. Shout out to audio books for making it all possible.

Modern Lovers, Emma Straub. 3 Stars

Um, I enjoyed it while I was listening, but nothing stands out as amazing. It's exactly what the title suggests. Two couples, who are friends, navigating the world. They have ups and downs, secrets, kids who are now dating, there's a mid-life crisis thrown in for good measure, and a deceased friend who forever connects these four people, whether they want to stay connected or not. The writings good. The story line is good. The characters are good. It's a middle of the road book about the problems rich people face, which is where it becomes a little tedious for me. I don't care about rich people problems. Unless it's the rich people in Baby Teeth. Keep reading to find out what in the heck I'm talking about.

Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Owens. 5 Stars.

I'm not going to waste precious word count going on about how much I loved this book. Because I already did. Read the blog here. Then go read the book.

Ghosted, Rosie Walsh. 1 Star.

Wow. It's not good, guys. Because it's a debut, there will be a blog next week delving into my thoughts and feelings on this one. But, for now, I have two words for you. Clown doctors. Yep. I don't know if their intention is to make their pediatric patients feel better or terrify them into feeling well enough to leave the dang hospital. I'm weirdly obsessed with clowns, see my Uncle Bobo's Hot Pretzels & Dippin' Sauce business cards for proof. So, I think I got way too wrapped up in the clown doctors to focus on the actual story. And, man, what a story. But also what not a story because most of it was dumb and unimportant to the story story.

Baby Teeth, Zoje Stage. 4 Stars.

Another debut, folks. The new authors are killing it. Or killing me with clown doctors. This one deserves its own blog and it's getting one. Just not yet. Look, I love stories about creepy kids and this one did not disappoint.

Suzette and Alex have a seemingly perfect life. Beautiful home, he has a great job, she's a stay-at-home a literal monster. Hanna is seven and straight up evil. She may be pissed because her name is one letter shy of being a palindrome. I don't blame her. Palindromes are dope. But, it's not worth killing your mother over. Not much is, really. Hanna, like most creepy children, is super smart. She's also super manipulative. When daddy is home, she's perfect. Making mommy seem like the crazy one.

Seriously, put this one on your list. It's three hundred pages and I read it in a day. I couldn't put it down.

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