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Look, I do a new release blog every single week. And, oftentimes, when I'm doing the research, I come across the same names over and over. Breaking through the James Pattersons, the Nora Roberts, and the Stephen Kings of the writing world is darn near impossible. This year, I've made a point to read debut novels. So, without further ado, a debut to read right now.

Ghosted, by Rosie Walsh

The Premise:

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall madly in love in an unreasonable amount of time. Boy promises to call. Boy does not. Girl begins exhibiting some truly stalker-esque behaviors that are, honestly, alarming. Many twists and turns happen in the last half of the book. Oh, and there are clown doctors.

What I liked:

Not much. Oh, I do think the place Eddie David - dumb name - lives is charming and adorable. That's it. Eddie David has a nice yard. That's the nicest thing I can say about this book.

What I didn't like:

Have a seat; this may take a while. The love story this book is centered around doesn't make sense to me. I just don't believe people behave this way. It could be the way the author chose to disclose the love story that I'm not fond of. It's not linear. We get the meeting of Sarah (I think her name is Sarah) and Eddie in a series of flashbacks. So, as they're falling in love, the reader isn't along for the ride.

The back half of this book is full of wackadoo plot twists that I don't want to give away. So, I'll stick to the front half. Sarah gets ghosted by Eddie and, instead of drinking wine, complaining about it to a friend, and moving on like a normal person, she goes on a full-on man hunt. What I find alarming is, if the roles were reversed and Eddie were behaving this way, the book would have a far more sinister tone. Women can be creepy stalkers, too; the author proves that with Sarah. She is a huge creep. It's presented as charming, but it's straight up creepy.

Ghosted is also full of side characters who have absolutely nothing to do with our primary love/stalker story.

And don't even get me started on the clown doctors. Talk about creepy.

Reasons to give this book a chance:

I don't have any. I gave this book the very rare one star on Goodreads. There wasn't a single thing I liked about it. Except Eddie David's house.

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