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This week is full of mystery of releases. I love murder mysteries, so I'm pumped. Penny Louise, Robert Parker, and Janet Evanovich all have newish releases this week. Because of the sheer amount of work that goes into one book, I have to give major props to Janet E. for releasing her twenty-fifth book in her Stephanie Plum series. That doesn't even include the other novels she writes. Evanovich is a machine.

If you like a little comedy mixed in with your mysteries, Janet Evanovich is for you. Her books are a lot of fun. I mean, as much fun as a murder book can be. But, as someone who writes fun murder mysteries, I can appreciate her style.

Look Alive Twenty-Five is set in a deli, which I find exciting. I love a good deli. My favorite deli of all time is Kasalta in Puerto Rico. They have the best toast in the universe. I know that sounds stupid, but I like toast a lot and they have the best. Anyway, this deli has one issue, the past three managers have disappeared off the face of the earth. Like, they're gone without a trace. The police have to solve the case before the deli loses its newest manager, Stephanie Plum.


It's becoming increasing difficult to find non-fiction books that aren't political or about a diet I 100% won't stick to. My choices this week came down to a book about poison or a book about running. I chose running.

The Incomplete Book of Running by Peter Sagal. I went with this one because, as a total NPR nerd, I could listen to Peter Sagal talk all dang day. When he was on 1A earlier this week, I was sure to tune in. The biggest take away I got from him talking about running, which I also do, is that it's an endurance sport, not because you run long distances, but because it teaches you to endure. To endure all sorts of things. For Peter Sagal, it was a tough divorce. For another panelist, it was the death of a child. For me, it's anxiety about literally anything. Because that's how anxiety works. So, runner or not, the stories and advice offered in this book may just have a positive impact on your life.

What's JP doing?:

All the dang things. He has a new Alex Cross novel out, he's gearing up for a few more releases before Christmas and, I assume, plotting to take over the world.

My pick of the week:

The poison book. I can't not talk about that. So, Poison: A History by Jenni Davis. When the author says "A History", she means it. Poison goes all the way back to the Romans all the way up to the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko via tea in 2006. And, because this is a well-rounded book, the author includes identifiers for the most popular poisons to ensure you steer clear.

So, whether you're into serial books about murder, murder via poison, or James Patterson, there's something for you hitting the shelves today.

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