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Holiday Reads: Holidays On Ice

Christmas is upon us. What better way to celebrate than by featuring books about the holidays.

Holidays on Ice, David Sedaris.

This was actually the first Sedaris book I ever read. A friend gave it to me to read while I was recovering from gallbladder surgery. In hindsight, perhaps this person is actually an enemy. Giving someone who's had abdominal surgery a funny book is a terrible idea. But, I'm sure her intentions were pure.

Anyway, as with all his books, Holidays on Ice is a collection of personal essays about David, his family, and random strangers he observed. This collection focuses on the holiday season, obviously. And, yes, one of his most famous essays, Santaland Diaries, is included. The Santaland Diaries made its debut on NPR way back in the day.

David Sedaris, for a short time, worked as an elf at Macy's. As someone who has dressed up as a character for my job, I fully understand how humiliating it can be. I was Chuck E. Cheese, and sometimes the stupid chicken, for two and a half years. The difference is, I wasn't an adult and my face was covered.; which, I assume, makes it less humiliating than being a grown man dressed as an elf. Although, David is an adorable, petite little man so I understand the job placement.

The collection also includes a retelling of the time David and his sister Lisa saved a sex worker from an abusive boyfriend, a review of a local grade school Christmas pageant, and a battle of generosity between two neighbors. The last one cracks me up because I know those people. They go out of their way to prove they're more generous than the next person. And for what? It's all so dumb.

Holidays on Ice is a little shorter than David Sedaris's other works, making it perfect for your busy holiday season. As with all of Sedaris's work, I do prefer to hear him read his essays rather than read them myself. So, grab the audio from the library and give it a listen while you're baking cookies, or making stockings, having a Manhattan dreading being around your family, whatever it is you do to celebrate the holidays.

Read it yourself or give it as a gift. Helpful hint, if you or someone you know has recently had surgery, don't buy them this book. It's a great book, but it's not worth the pain.

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