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Fox 8, George Saunders

It's been out for a couple of weeks, but it's still newish. Fox 8 is the newest from George Saunders who blew everyone's mind last year with Lincoln in the Bardo. Unlike Lincoln, Fox 8 is a short story. So, it's a perfect choice if you're busy or you're trying to finish out that Goodreads Challenge.

Fox 8 centers around a fox. A fox who gets mocked by the rest of his pack. He's the Rudolph of the fox world. Until he learns to speak. The pack of foxes, which I have to say sounds precious pants, are threatened when a mall comes in and cuts off their food supply. Of course that's what happened because that's what we do. Anyway, the misfit fox must go on the quest to save his pack.

Fox 8 sounds delightful. And, at sixty-four pages - some of them illustrated - you can definitely knock it out by the end of the year.


Ya' know, I'm not doing it. It's becoming - hey, there's a non-fiction for you; Becoming by Michelle Obama - increasingly difficult to find non-fiction books that aren't about President Trump and I just can't. I'm tired. If it's not him, it's one million cookbooks. Or biographies by Kobe Bryant and Joel Olsteen, neither of whom I care for. And, also, I always *briefly* think Joel Olsteen is Tim Allen so I get confused. I don't think I'm going to do it anymore. I came up with the format for the blog, so I think that means I can change it whenever I want. This week may be the week.

On to Jimmy Pat. What? You thought I would get rid of JP. NEVAH!

What's Jimmy Pat up to?:

Well, he currently has, like, six books in the new release section. It's bananagrams. Look, I write books. Well, two books and that one non-fiction all about cinnamon I don't usually bring up. Writing books takes time. My writing buddy and I have put ourselves on a pretty strenuous schedule, and we manage one book every three months. Not JP. His three month average is closer to ten books. He's crazy. It also helps that he's essentially an outline factory and other people fill in the details for him.

He's been so busy outlining books, he hasn't had much time for movies lately. He did watch The Nun. He gave it a C- for "throwing up cheap scares" and he says the dialogue is poor. I've never read a JP book, but I have skimmed a Bookshot. The dialogue remark might be a pot and kettle situation.

My Pick of the Week:

Heart of the Matter, Victoria Harper

Available in paperback for the first time, this is Victoria's complete HotM series. It's also one of ours. I'm not a romance person. I'm a narrative person. HotM has both.

Amelia, though not making much of an income, enjoys her job working with at-risk youth. So, when Brady comes in looking to demolish the building to put up condos, she's furious. This book touches on social injustice, corruption, the problems with gentrification, and, of course, the relationship between Amelia and Brady. It is a romance after all.

So, those are your options this week. I now realize I only actually recommended two books; the rest of the post is a weird rant. Those of you who know me in real life know this is 100% on brand.

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