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New Year, New Adventures in Reading

The new year brings with it opportunity to try new things, improve skills you already have, or you could change your diet and join a gym, it's up to you. I have decided, so as not to completely disappoint myself this year, to bypass the diet and gym and focus on goals involving things that make me happy. So, here we go.

Look, I'm a self-proclaimed recovering book snob. I used to scoff at the mention of Charlaine Harris, John Grisham, and, of course, James Patterson. Then I actually read a Charlaine Harris and a John Grisham - I have never, nor will I ever, read a James Patterson. I simply cannot - and, here's the thing, they're good. I know love a good John Grisham and Charlaine Harris is a ton of fun. Books about lawyers and vampires are a nice break between the John Irvings and the Kurt Vonneguts. So, I have officially turned over a new much that I have completely disregarded classics and lists proclaiming I *had* to read certain books if I wanted to be considered literary. And I do. I so want to be. So I'm going back to my book snob roots, but only slightly. Every month, I'll read one book from the 1000 Books to Read Before You Die list. And I'll fill in the gaps with comics, debuts, Anthony Horowitz, and John Grisham.

If you aren't familiar, 1000 Books to Read Before You Die is the ultimate book list; compiled by bookseller, editor, and writer James Mustich, this book has been the talk of the book world since Fall. The season, not the debut novel from internationally acclaimed writing team Lynx & LeRoux. The list includes classics like Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

I haven't made my January selection yet, which is fine. I still have three current reads to wrap up before I start in on something else. Since I already do a reading challenge, this will be a fun little addition. Like, layers and layers of reading challenge. Mary Berry would be thrilled about all the layers. And I would do anything for Mary Berry. She's so cute.

Look for my selection, and my thoughts on my selection, toward the end of the month when I do my reading challenge update post. And, until then, keep reading. Try a new author, read a comic - Saga by Brian K. Vaughn is a fantastic choice - give a local writer a chance, and, if you must, fill in the gaps with some James Patterson.

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