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New Year, New Adventures in Knitting

The new year brings with it the opportunity to try new things or keep doing the same old stuff. It's up to you. Either method is fine. I have a tendency to think I'm going to be a COMPLETELY different person every year. Thus far, that has not been the case. So, this year, I'm changing it up. I'm challenging myself to maybe get just a little better at things I already do. It's less pressure, so perhaps I'll actually stick to it.

This week, it's all about knitting, y'all. I have been knitting for roughly seventeen years. I started knitting because I worked with a woman who one day proclaimed she was going to teach herself to knit. In typical me fashion, I decided I would teach myself to knit before she did. And I did! I have been knitting off and on ever since. Here's the thing, though, I have a very limited skill set despite having done it so long. I mostly stick with scarves, hats, gloves, stockings, things like that. I have made a pretty rad old man cardigan, but that's about it.

My challenge to myself for 2019 is a make a pullover sweater that a human being actually wouldn't mind wearing. I have about a gajillion patterns for sweaters I think humans would want to wear. So, I'm going to pick one and, for the first time ever, actually follow the dang thing. I don't know what's wrong with me. Pattern writers are essentially wizards. They see a lump of yarn and think, "I know exactly how to make a fitted Wonder Woman sweater out of that. Let me jot it down. Oh, and here it is in five different sizes." Then they have people test the pattern. Changes are made; the pattern is tweaked until it is perfect. Then, people like me buy it from Etsy and people not like me scour Pinterest looking for a free knock off. So, I buy the patterns - I always buy my patterns; it's a rule I have - I get all the supplies, I begin knitting, I get roughly halfway through, and then I go rogue. I decide, with my very limited knowledge, that I can do better. And then I proceed to ruin the garment.

Not this year, loyal readers, not this year. I'm coming correct this year. Choosing a pattern, purchasing the pattern, and then following the pattern. Wish me luck. And, if you see me in real life looking like an idiot in a wonky sweater, you'll know I at least completed the challenge. Perhaps not successfully, but still.


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