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New Year, New Adventures

Okay, when I say new adventures, I really mean focused adventures in things I'm already doing. I'm not gonna go skydiving or anything. So, this week, we're taking it back to books. Because ninety percent of my life is book related. Whether I'm reading them, promoting them, editing them, or writing them, my life is pretty book heavy. So, I'm going with it. I joined a book club, y'all. Not only did I join a book club, I sort of co-founded one. And then I named it Turn the Page, which is hilarious if you consider the fact that I loathe Bob Seger.

I've been involved with book clubs before, but they've never worked out for me. Sometimes it was the selection, but most of the time it was my bananagrams schedule. So, I creeped book clubs from a distance and dreamed of the day I could officially be in one.

How did Turn the Page come about? Well, my mom and I had plans to go to a play at the Fort Smith Little Theatre. < Theatre pronounced with a hoity toity accent because we're season ticket holders. Anyway, we had dinner first and, of course, mom popped open a bottle of wine. We had a glass with dinner and discussed how awesome it was that my friend Sarah and I have written books. And then mom talked about Sarah for roughly an hour. We stood to leave for the play and I was like, "Or we could just drink more wine." So, in typical us fashion, we put on our fur coats and went to the store and bought a jug o' wine. We continued talking about how amazing Sarah is and I occasionally threw in a "I helped write the books, too." just as a gentle reminder. Plus, I'm an only child, so I'm not super accustomed to my parents praising the heck out of other people. It's good for me, though; brings me down a notch or two. As someone who owns, and frequently wears, a shirt with my own face on it, I could stand to lose a notch or two. Lynx and LeRoux - emphasis on the LeRoux - talk turned to books in general, which turned in to both of us saying we'd love to be in a book club. Thus Turn the Page was born. We selected a small group of gals and sent out the invites. That sounds fancier than it was; we just sent them text.

How does Turn the Page work? Well, as founding member, mom made the first selection. She chose A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; surprisingly, out of the seven of us, I'm the only one who had read it. But it had been YEARS, so I was due for a reread. We meet for the first time this past Saturday to discuss ATGIB. It was lovely. Near the end, we all put our names in a hat and mom, leaving her name out since she'd had a pick, drew to see who would choose next. It was me! I chose Last Night in Montreal by Emily St. John Mandel and I can't wait to get started.

So, the point is, wanna start a book club? Start one. It's not that hard. All you need is abandoned plans and a jug o' wine.

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