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It's new release day, so get out your TBR - What? You guys don't keep physical books lists? - and add these babies to the bottom. Or top. Or disregard your list altogether. It's fine.

At the Wolf's Table, Rosella Postorino

This book is a World War II era tale based on a true story. Look, I don't really get in to WWII books too much because, and this might be insane, I feel like Hitler gets enough play as it is. He was a literal monster person who should not, in any way, be glorified. And that goes for all the jackholes around him, too. Literal monsters. And I don't like reading about human atrocities; I know it happened, I feel it's important to learn about said atrocities so they don't get repeated, but I don't want to read about them for fun.

However, I do like books set in this era about people who were giving a big middle finger to Hitler and his monster squad. So, this book intrigues me. Our protagonist, alone and scared, leaves Berlin to live with her in-laws in the countryside, far away from the Nazis. Or so she thought. They show up one day and demand she come with them. Her new job will be to tastes Hitler's food before he eats it to test for poisoning. This is what happens when you're a literal monster; 99% of everyone wants you dead. So, in a monster move, you make innocent people try your food first. Gawd, he was the worst.

This story, rather than being about the man himself, is about a group of women who are, against their will, risking their lives to ensure he stays alive and the relationships they form with one another while doing so.

Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style, Benjamin Dreyer

I love grammar and style books. Like, love. The English language is bonkers and I genuinely enjoy reading where our words came from and how to use them properly. Also, 85% of the words that come out of my mouth are catch phrases from Rupaul's Drag Race, so I like the other 15% to be really stellar; leaving my listener/reader slightly confused. Halleloo!

Dreyer won my heart when he dedicated a section to the UNDERUSED semi-colon. Benji, I could not agree more; semi-colons are dope and grossly underutilized. I use them with reckless abandon - but correctly - to help bring up the average.

Alright, let's check-in on JP. He does have a book in the top one hundred on Amazon, but only one. A record low for him. But January is tough; everyone is trying to be someone completely different this year, so they top is dominated by self-help and diet books. By March, it'll all be back to normal and JP will reign supreme. He does have a lot of books slated for this year, giving me a boatload of material to work with. Good lookin' out, Jimmy Pat.

So, that's it for this week. Byeeeeeeeeee!


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