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Get out your TBR list; it's new release day! Last week was all non-fiction. This week it's all debuts. And JP has just discovered Snapchat filters and is suddenly living his best life.

The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls, Anissa Gray

I came for the cover and title, I stayed for the description. As an often ravenously hungry girl, I was drawn by the name and the cover is stunning. The description, though. It's a little bit The Mothers and a little bit An American Marriage.

Three sisters, and a community, are rocked when one of the sisters and her husband are arrested. They quickly go from highly respected members of the community to disgraced criminals. The two sisters come to the rescue, caring for the teenaged daughters of the jailed couple. Family drama abounds and I'm here for it. Plus, it's a debut and you guys know how much I love reading debuts.

The Art of Losing, Lizzy Mason

Another debut and the first YA I've featured...maybe ever. Somehow, it has Amazon reviews already and they aren't glowing. The main character isn't likable. The main character is too angry. Well, the main character is a 17-year-old girl who just caught her boyfriend with her younger sister, left them both at a party, and the boyfriend and sister were in a car accident. She has a lot of have feels about and I vaguely remember being seventeen. I wasn't super great at processing all the emotions and I didn't have a ton of guilt hanging over me. So, I get the anger and, honestly, I don't have an issue with mad or unlikable characters as long as the plot is solid.

The Art of Losing is about grief, loss, addiction, and forgiveness. Unless you're a sociopath, you will likely have to deal with one or all of these things in your lifetime. And, unfortunately, some people deal with it as teenagers. So, I think books are a good way to introduce these topics and themes to kiddos. That said, I haven't read it. Maybe it's terrible.

Alright, so I went over to JP's site to see what he has going on. For reasons unknown, he has pictures of himself wearing Groucho glasses, googly eye glasses, and dressed as a pirate. It's ridiculous, weird, nonsensical and, dare I say it, this is the most I've ever liked James Patterson. Ever. Here's the link. Like, what the heck is he getting up to? I really need a JP expert in my life. So many questions. Also, he has two books coming out today. Of course he does. I bet, if he'd not wasted so much time with the costumes, he could have cranked out a third. Slacker.

So, that's it, readers. Family drama, a YA with mixed reviews, and JP undercover. Today is already weird.

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