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Okay, so, I'm changing things up this week and shamelessly plugging two of our authors. One of whom is me. So, double shameless plug? Sure. Why not? It's my blog after all. If you've been paying attention at all, you'll know that I am the Smoky Lynx half of internationally acclaimed - hey, we've sold at least three copies in Scotland - writing duo Lynx & LeRoux. The LeRoux half is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She also writes our Folklore Friday blogs. We have a new book, our third since September, coming out a week from today. September as in roughly six months ago. It is not a schedule I would recommend for anyone else, but we've seemed to make it work.

A little background on Lynx & LeRoux. I went to Dickson Street Bookshop with two of my best gals. We're chillin' in True Crime, as you do, when LT misread a title and said, "Is that book called Little Girl Derd?" Which led to me yelling, "Ermahgerd! She's derd!" The three of us laughed hysterically for far too long. We left the store, but couldn't stop talking about how hilarious it would be for a fictional twelve-year-old with an unfortunate speech impediment to keep finding dead bodies.

About a month later, LT moved away. Sarah and I kept the story in the back of our minds and then thought it'd be a real gag to write the dumb book, publish it through my publishing company, and mail it to LT. Our target audience was literally one person and we had zero idea what we were getting ourselves in to. The gag snowballed when I was like, "We should do a play on Stephen King's Different Seasons and make it a four-part series called Turrible Seasons: An Ermahgerd Ermnibus." This idea was immediately accepted by Sarah because we all love Uncle Stevie and when the hell else do you have a chance to use the word "ermnibus"? Almost never. So, you take the opportunity when it presents itself. Duh.

So, why Smoky Lynx and Charlaine LeRoux? Because deep down inside we are insecure introverts who couldn't fathom putting their real names on a book. And we had to keep it a secret from LT. Our plan worked. She had no idea what we were up to. As soon as the pictures happened, I was immediately recognized. Our cover was officially blown and a case of adult onset narcissism did kick in, but we have fully recovered. We keep Smoky and Charlaine because they're fun. It's an absolute blast to be Smoky Lynx for a little while. And Charlaine LeRoux is an absolute delight. We love them so much that, and this is the first time this is being revealed, they are actually the main characters of our next book. That's right, we're going real Vonnegut with it and writing them into a book.

But first we have to wrap up An Ermahgerd Merstery. Here's what we really didn't expect. We didn't expect to care about these characters so much. We didn't expect other people to care about them so much. And we especially didn't expect them to be so heavily influenced by carnival folk. All in all it's been a really fun experience and I'm glad we stumbled our way into it.

So, shameless plug time. Buy the dang books. They're $7 and so much fun. Like, a lot of fun.

Fall: An Ermahgerd Merstery

Winter: An Ermahgerd Merstery

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