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Let's Talk About Fetch, Baby.

Hey Bookworms! What’s shakin’? Are you ready to get your heebie jeebie on cause I sure am. I’m all about those Irish ghosties this week. So, pour yourselves a Guinness or don’t. Guinness is gross. We’re going to head on over to the Emerald Isle and learn about mysterious apparitions called fetches.

What is exactly is a fetch? Firstly, it’s a rad game to play with a pet. It’s also an exact spectral double of a living person. However, it is not and never will be a cool slang word. I don’t care what Gretchen Wieners says. It’s never going to happen.

Obviously we’re focusing on the supernatural fetch today. People sometimes want to confuse fetch with doppelgängers but doppelgängers often have shady motives whereas fetches don’t. Doppelgängers are the Regina George of supernatural doubles and should never be trusted. They’re fascinating. They are also a story for another time.

In Ireland, fetch are a kind of omen. Folks say that if you see one in the morning then it’s a sign that the fetch’s IRL double will live a long healthy life BUT, if you see them any other time then it means the impending death of the fetch’s double, which is a bummer.

The thing I find really interesting about fetch is that nobody knows what causes them to appear. Is it a psychic connection between two people? Is it completely random? Nobody knows . All I know is that the Irish are all about some death omens and that the sudden appearance of a person’s exact double gives me goosebumps in the best possible way. It seems that everyone has a slightly different encounter when they meet a fetch but I like to imagine that’s it’s a little like this.

Let’s say you’re going about your day like normal. Maybe you’re doing a little grocery shopping when you see your great uncle Stevie over by the gluten free section. That’s weird. Stevie loves him some gluten. You call out to him to get the 411 on his gluten sitch and then he turns abruptly and walks away. Oh no he better don’t! You start after him but it’s like he vanished into thin air. So then you call him and he insists that he’s been in his water aerobics class all day. That, my darlings, is a fetch. Stevie is not long for this world.

Sometimes a fetch will appear to let you know about the passing of a loved one who lives in another place. Kind of like a last goodbye before they go. Again, not all fetches behave in the same way. Some might never say a word, some might talk your ear off. Ghosts are people too and they have layers just like anybody else.

So, let’s say your cousin Talullah lives in Farawaysylvania and you rarely get to see her. On the day of her passing she might appear to you in a crowd or, if she’s a hilarious prankster, she might be waiting in the backseat of your car. When you get in she’ll be like “Boogity, boogity! Love ‘ya, cuz!” And then disappear right before your eyes. It’s a comfort that you got to see her one last time. Even if you did screech like a frightened barn owl and pee just a little bit.

It’s super rare to find a supernatural entity that is just as confusing as it is comforting but that’s exactly what fetch are. Sometimes it’s a nice goodbye and sometimes it spooks your pants all the way off. Either way it’ll make for a great story someday and really, isn’t that all that matters? We are the stories that we leave behind after all. Anyway, if you guys suddenly see me walking through your kitchen one day don’t panic. I’m not dead yet. I just like breaking into your house sometimes. See you soon, Bookworms!

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