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It's new release day and we're going back to the OG format. First up, a literary novel by a debut author.

If, Then by Kate Hope Day

A small town is straight up shook when its residents have visions of alternate reality. They begin to question what is real and what is only in their heads; so, basically they're all me before 10:00 am. Look, I'm the exact opposite of a morning person. I wake up every morning, completely unsure what day it is or what I'm doing. So, I make coffee and, while it brews, I stare blankly out my kitchen window piecing together my life, much like the guy from Momento.

Anyway, back to the book. The visions are benign, but grow increasingly more vivid and disturbing. When a natural disaster threatens the town, it becomes clear that the visions are not what they first seemed. This book sounds super interesting, I'm very excited to check out this debut author, and the cover is dope.

My Very '90s Romance, Jenny Colgan

Hot pink Doc Martens and fishnets. The one, the only, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Nerd makeover. This book, just from the cover and description alone, is checking all my '90s nostalgia boxes. Frustrated florist, Holly, is thrust into a new living situation when she flees a roommate from hell. Sidebar, folks. I'm also really interested in reading this book because I'd really like to know what Jenny Colgan considers a roommate from hell. I moved out the second I was old enough and, from the ages of eighteen to twenty-five, I had close to fifteen roommates. Some of them were lovely gals, some of them were strange South African men who were obsessed with WD-40, and one in particular was the human equivalent of a dumpster fire, so I'm just curious to see if the author delves into the bad roommate stories at all. And I guarantee I can out nightmare her. 100%. I just can. In fact, we're expanding the Lynx & LeRouxniverse to include a book as a way to share our terrible roommate stories with the world. It's like group therapy except, instead of paying an expert, people pay us to read it and then will likely assume we made it all up. Because it is, truly, that unbelievable.

Back to the book at hand. I'm an eighties baby and grew up in the '90s. And now I absolutely live for '90s nostalgia. Delia's catalog, anyone? This book sounds fun. And, sometimes, that's exactly what you need.

What's up with Jimmy Pat?

Ya' know, since he did the weird picture thing on his website, I can't even make fun of him anymore. Like, I'm still not going to read his books, but I think I sort of like JP. I'm making a super unpleasant face as I type this, so I don't think I like him THAT much, but it's getting harder to be mad at him.

He does have a new Alex Cross book coming soon. Six assassins - that's right. Six - are in Washington D.C. and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is targeting Alex Cross. I'm 100% sure they will all fail. How very James Fenimore Cooper of them! < No one knows what that means except for me. That's a story for another day, folks.

Delve into a smart, literary fiction, take a break with a fun nostalgic read, or contemplate your feelings toward Jimmy Pat; no matter what you're reading, just keep reading!

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