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Literary Fiction

Lily in the Light, Kristin Fields

Esme is eleven-years-old and obsessed with ballet. Until her four-year-old sister goes missing. Her world is flipped upside down when people she's known her entire, albeit short, life become suspects. She's stressed and she's pressed. So, when she has the opportunity to join an elite ballet company in San Francisco, she leaps, plies, and tendus at the chance. Immersed in ballet, she takes this childhood trauma and pushes deep down and never looks at it again. Until eight years later when she has the chance to audition for the role of a lifetime. She's shook when she gets a phone call from her older sister we, the reader, didn't know existed until just now.

I like family drama, I like a good unsolved mystery. Lily in the Light is right up my alley. Also, until reading the synopsis, it never occurred to me how weird it must be for siblings of missing children to be like, "But I thought Neighbor Gary was dope." It must be strange for every neighbor, family friend, family member, you've ever known to suddenly be the person who maybe stole your sister.


Diary of a Dead Man on Leave, David Downing

Full disclosure, it's a WWII mystery. I know it's a pretty played out sub-genre and I hate giving Hitler any attention. But, here we are. Diary is an exception because, just like At the Wolf's Table, these people are plotting against Hitler, which I'm always down with. Plus, it explores the South American angle of the whole Nazi thing. Like how they basically had a Germany Part Deux in Argentina and several other South American locations. I know because I have recently binge watched Hunting Hitler. And there's a fifty year old, recently discovered lost diary. So, I'm sold.


The Beast of Nightfall Lodge (Institute for Singular Antiquities Book Two), SA Sidor

Look, I normally don't feature parts of a series, nor do I typically feature horror. But, in honor of Uncle Stevie and the upcoming release of the new Pet Sematary, I had to. And then I found this gem. I'm a sucker for a cheesey, fun read. This looks like exactly that. A group of adventurers set out to find and kill a monstrous beast that is terrorizing New Mexico. Walter White, they're hunting Walter White. No, they aren't. These adventurers are not the only ones on the trail. Big game hunters, mad scientists, poachers, and other animals are just some of the obstacles they must face on the hunt for the beast of Nightfall Lodge. Y'all may think I'm being funny, but I am, like, 99% sold on this book. It sounds hysterical.

James Patterson

You know, ever since he put up those bananagrams pictures of himself and donated money to a local bookstore I sometimes frequent, it's just not as rewarding to poke fun at him. I may aim my sights on Anne Perry; she's a real dirtbag, y'all.

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