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So, I was perusing Fantastic Fiction looking for new releases <for some reason that sounds really sleazy to me. It isn't. But, man, it sure sounds it. Fantastic Fiction is a, well, fantastic source when you're looking for new books. I was cruising the mystery genre and, man, there are a gazillion of them. Cozy mysteries. Knitting mysteries. Look, I knit, reading those patterns can be a dang mystery. Pattern writers are witches of the best kind. Crossword puzzle mysteries. A plethora of cooking mysteries. Tourist trap mysteries. And, my favorite, mystery writer mysteries. I'm also working on taxes today; the biggest mystery of them all. So, since I love a good mystery, it's all mysteries all the time. Well, today anyway.

Foul Play on Words (Mystery Writer's Mystery, book 2), Becky Clark

Charlee, a mystery writer, is scheduled to speak at a conference in Portland. When she arrives, her best gal Viv is there to pick her up. Viv announces that her daughter, Hanna, has been kidnapped....wait, a mother who's child has gone missing took the time to go to the airport to pick up her friend? You guys, first of all, we're grown; take an Uber, don't make your friend, even if they haven't recently had a child go missing, pick you up. Secondly, if you are Viv in this situation, don't be. So, Charlee, being a pal, offers to plan the conference rather than just the keynote speaker - what a peach - so Viv can look for Hanna. I guess, in this scenario, there are no police in Portland. Poor Charlee is now managing volunteers, organizing the event, trying to write her lecture, and, presumably, checking in on the Hanna situation, when she finds out the hotel has double-booked the venue. A writers conference and a dog show in one place? Yes please.

This book sounds coo-coo bananas and super fun. As someone who co-writes ridiculous mysteries, I can appreciate the absurdity. I am 100% going to read this series.

Don't Even Breathe, Keith Houghton

I chose this strictly because of the title. When I was little, I was playing with my cousin and, somehow, my hair got super tangled around her overalls strap buckle. It is not a mystery how my hair got tangled. I never wanted to brush my hair as a child and often refused. As an adult, I still don't brush my hair. And we're an overalls family so, of course, Raven had on overalls. Anyway, my hair was pretty wrapped up in that buckle, so we had to yell for help. Me, being dramatic, kept screaming at her to not move and "DON'T EVEN BREATHE!" My mom got my hair sorted out and we went about our day. So, now, when I'm feeling extra, I will say "Don't even breathe" to people. Only my mom laughs, but that's okay by me.

So, the book. A detective is called to a scene; they've found a burned body. Everyone assumes it's the high school counselor. Maggie, our sleuth, thinks differently. She thinks it's the body of a girl named Rita who supposedly died in a fire twenty years ago. Double burned body mystery? Yes please.

Lastly, not out today, but on sale, Fall: An Ermahgerd Merstery, Lynx and LeRoux.

Look, this series is legit funny. Everyone who has read it has said so. You can grab the digital copy here for $0.99!

Ridiculous, cozy, food-based, there's something for everyone in the mystery section, y'all. Hit it up.

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