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Today's theme is, books that visually caught my attention.

Looker, Laura Sims

Like I said, I noticed this book because of the cover; that's why cover art is so important, kids. It's literally art, so make it interesting. Looker is also a debut, which is my jam. And, as soon as I finish the epic tomes I've chosen to read during my busiest work month yet, I'll read it. It's a book about obsession. I've never been obsessed with anything, not really. I mean, I say I'm obsessed with Pretty Little Liars or Letterkenny, but those aren't dangerous obsessions, right? That's not the case with our unnamed narrator. She is recently divorced and, at first, is a little envious of her beautiful neighbor who has the perfect job, the perfect husband, the perfect kids. And then it gets worse. Our narrator progresses to stealing discarded things from her neighbor's trash; which, you know, if it's on the curb, it's up for grabs. So, I don't know if there's anything wrong with that. I mean, I have a wonderful cashmere sweater I obtained in much the same way, so no judgement from me. The difference is, I didn't couple my petty trash theft with fantasizing about being that person. Back to the book, things really go off the rails at the annual block party when our narrator just completely unravels. Looker is both Vogue's and Book Hub's most anticipated read of 2019. Clearly they've never heard of Lynx & LeRoux. You can get it here. Or, better yet, head to your nearest library. They probably have it.

Ghost Wall, Sarah Moss

Again, the cover, it got me, gal! It's creepy. There's a skull made out of flowers and the book is called Ghost Wall, which is inherently creepy. This book has been out for a minute, but I just found it. So, much like my cashmere trash sweater, it's new to me. It's a coming-of-age tale, which I'm always a fan of; it's LGBT+, which we need more of; it's strange in that this modern family in England is living as if they are still in the Iron Age. Silvie and her father join an anthropology class for a two week primitive living adventure - sounds terrible to me. The students are getting course credits, her dad is living his best life, and Silvie is beginning to imagine life outside the Iron Age. You know, like going to university, living past thirty, stuff like that. So, where do ghost walls come in? Well, in ancient times, folks built them to ward off spirits. The anthropology class builds one for kicks and that's when things get really strange. This book just feels eerie, even just looking at it. You can look at it here. Or, again, your local library likely has it. Plus, they mention making a sacrifice to the bog and, as any Lynx & LeRouxnatic knows, we love a good bog.

That's all I have this week. Sure, there are way more than two covers that caught my eye, but I have book to get ready to publish! So, until next time.

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