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This week is Children's Books Week; in its 100th year, it's the longest running literary initiative ever. And children's books are rad, so it's really just a great time to be alive. So, what's new for the kiddos and young adults this week?

Geronimo Stilton is back with a stand alone and a box set, Sophie Mouse has a new one. It's a big day for the rodent themed books. That's the great thing about children's book; they use animals or toasters to tell a really moving story or teach a great lesson. Adult books, even the fantasy books, lose a little bit of that magic.

The Night Diary, Veera Hiranandani

Children's books also have a way of making you love a character and then ripping your heart out all while teaching you valuable lessons. I'm still not fully recovered from Number the Stars or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I have a feeling this one is much the same. Nisha is half-Hindu, half-Muslim. She lives in Pakistan with her father. The country is in the midst of war. Nisha's father decides their homeland is too dangerous, so they become refugees. Now, we ALL know how warm and welcoming folks are to refugees, so I'm sure this is a lovely tale about a family taking them in, feeding them, allowing them to practice both their religions, and leaving them be. I'm sure that's what this book is. Right. Also, Nisha's mother died when she was a baby, so this book is a collection of letters little Nisha has written to her deceased mother. I already want to cry and I'm not even actually reading it. Children's books do this, guys; they take very complex topics and break them down in a way where children, and maybe their parents, can understand and gain a little perspective (that's the part the parents really need to pay attention to). Plus, there's a Newberry label on the cover, which makes this a must read.

Hot Dog Girl, Jennifer Dugan

It's a debut about a queer girl who lands a job working at a local theme park and her job consists of dressing up as a hot dog. This book already ticks a lot of boxes for me. Oh, and her BFF is the carousel operator. If you haven't figured it out by now, Lynx & LeRoux, of which I am 50%, have an extreme fascination with this sort of thing. So, I'm super intrigued. Sure, it's a Rom-Com, but it's different; it features underrepresented characters who not only find out who they are, but they also have to work together to save the park from closing - forever. Very dramatic, very YA. I love it.

Okay, so, Jimmy Pat. He's doing the most. He currently has five titles in the seven day section of the library and has another one coming next week. I'm sure they are all great. You know what, they probably are. I'm probably missing out on a seemingly endless catalog of perfectly fine books because I'm petty. But that's okay. There's plenty non-Jimmy Pat out there to keep me busy.

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