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Reading Challenge: April Reads

The goal: 52

Current count: 17

Remember When, Nora Roberts & J.D. Robb. 3 Stars.

I picked this book based solely on the fact that I think it's hilarious that the author listed both her real name and her pen name and even came up with a fun little bio for the back of the book. I have never before read a Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, and I may never read one again, but this book was pretty fun. The first half is centered around a diamond heist. I love a good heist, y'all. So, the investigator tracking the diamonds falls for the Dorothy Zbornak of the antiquing world. A lot happens, MOST of the diamonds are recovered, and they live happily ever after. Enter J.D. Robb. The story picks up fifty years later when the granddaughter of the lovely couple writes a book about the diamond heist, with emphasis on the missing ones. Her book sets off a series of events; people die in terrible ways, a female cop who, for reasons unknown, people refer to as "sir" has to deal with her past, but not too much, and grandma and grandpa come to town. There are roughly eighty-four plot lines going on, but she wraps them up pretty well and the book held my interest.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon. 4 Stars.

You guys, it only took me a decade and a half to read this book. Here's what you really need to know: The Golden Age of comics, whoopie cushions, Golems, escape artists, the near death of Salvador Dali, shipwrecks, family secrets, a trunk full of beards and mustaches, Hitler getting punched in the face, and enough cigarettes for forty-three lifetimes smoked by three primary characters.

Sammy and Joe are cousins. And they've only just met. Sammy, always the optimist, declares he can get Joe a job where he works. By the end of the day, Sammy has not only gotten Joe a job, but he's convinced his boss to branch out into the comic industry. And Sammy comes through. He's a whole lotta talk, but he always manages to back it up, and I appreciate that about him. Sammy and Joe achieve pretty quick success with their Escapist comics, but, as was common in the industry, their bosses became filthy rich off their hard work. Bosses, am I right? Sammy Clay and Joe Kavalier have some truly amazing adventures together and I'm so glad I FINALLY read this book.

My Life as a Goddess, Guy Branum. 5 Stars.

MLG was our book club book this month. I don't read a lot of personal essays, so this is not a book I would have chosen for myself. I'd pick up, I mean, I have picked it up many, many times, but then I'd put it down because I seem to have an aversion to personal essays. I guess because they're personal. I realize no one made Guy Branum write such wonderful, heartfelt, funny stories about his life and made him release them out into the world, but I was still hesitant to read it. Then it was assigned to me. So I had to. And I'm very thankful that I did. I love Guy. I just met Guy, but I love him. He's smart, way smarter than I could ever dream of being - well, maybe not. I have a great imagination and can dream myself pretty dang smart - but you know what I mean. He's clever. He's smart. He's funny. He's kind. He's honest. He's a damn goddess. And so are you.

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