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The Sentence is Death, Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz is back, back, back again. He is one of my all-time favorite writers and I couldn't be more excited about The Sentence is Death.

Book two in the Hawthorne series, SID will hopefully pick up right where The Word is Murder left off. Also, let's take a moment to give props to Anthony, shall we? Word. Sentence. I see a pattern forming; I can't wait for book six, The Five Paragraph Essay is Beheading! That's what Anthony Horowitz does; his books are stacks on stacks of puzzles, mystery, and word play. So, what's this series about?

Acclaimed mystery novelist and television show writer, Anthony, is approached by a detective, Hawthorne, to write his biography. At first, Anthony declines; he's not a ghost writer, he is an acclaimed novelist and television writer. Plus, he really doesn't like Hawthorne. See, the television show Anthony writes for is a detective show and Hawthorne is sometimes called in as a consultant. The two men work together, but neither much cares for the other. Hawthorne, knowing Anthony won't be able to resist, tells him about the newest case he is working on. Ever the mystery writer, Anthony is intrigued and agrees to shadow Hawthorne and write his story. Witty banter and one heck of a mystery follow. Also, I think it is hella clever to write yourself into your own book. Vonnegut did it. Horowitz did it. Lynx & LeRoux are going to do it. It's a clever, fun tool that not a lot of authors utilize.

^That's book one. Book two is out today and it is waiting for me on my kindle. So is another mystery book I'm stoked about, but I'll save that for another time. Charlaine LeRoux is doing a new blog series, LeRoux Review, and she called dibs on this one. The rules of dibs are simple and taken very seriously around here. So, stay tuned for her review of My Name is Trouble.

That's all for today, folks. The flood waters are getting a little too close for comfort, so we're packing up important stuff - Lynx & LeRoux books and story mapping board, for example - and taking it somewhere safe. Plus, it's Anthony Horowitz day; what else could there possibly be to write about?

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