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It's been a minute since I've done a new release book. The truth is, every time I do one, I add at least three books to my TBR. And, because I also work at the library, I already add about ten books a week to my TBR, so I thought I'd take a breather and actually tackle my stack. It's working. I've read three books this month and all of them have been stellar. So, it's time to start looking for some new ones.

Look, by now you all know I like a good mystery. For me, the mystery umbrella also covers thrillers and suspense novels. And, you guys, I think I found a good one. I mean, Uncle Stevie got an advance copy and called it "incredibly propulsive and original" and said "you won't shake it for a long time." So, a book that's haunting Stephen King. Right. Sounds like a book I should definitely read.

The Chain, Adrian McKinty

It all begins with a kidnapping. A child is kidnapped, their parents receive a call with the directive that they, too, must kidnap a child. Once their victim's parents kidnap ANOTHER child, your child gets released. So, because parents would do anything - even walk hundreds of miles and try to enter another country - the parents do it. Now they're kidnappers. This book is like those emails you get and are supposed to pass on to ten people you know. Except there are actual consequences if you break the chain.

The Chain sounds super, super fun and like the perfect book to read on vacation. I mean, nothing goes with the beach quite like a good kidnapping book. I'm sure there's some psychology behind why people like to read murder books on the beach but I'm not going to look into it. I have way too many things to do, books to read, and not enough time to do it.

So, until next week, readers.

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