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Reading Challenge: July Reads

The Goal: 52

Current Count: 34

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Taylor Jenkins Reid

5 Stars

Old Hollywood glamour, secrets, lies, and seven husbands. This book is so good. I discovered Taylor Jenkins Reid a few months ago and was instantly hooked. This is the second book of her's I've read and I'm officially a fan.

Evelyn Hugo, reclusive Hollywood icon, has agreed to do an interview. When she request a little known journalist, no one is more surprised than Monique - the little known journalist. It quickly becomes clear that Evelyn's story is more complex than anyone could have imagined...and that twist at the end. Girl.

For a full review, including spoilers, read my other blog! Or, better yet, read the book.

The Clockmaker's Daughter, Kate Morton

5 Stars

This was my first Kate Morton and, as with Taylor Jenkins Reid, I am a fan. Set in both 1800s and present-day London, The Clockmaker's Daughter is pickpockets, orphans, eccentric artists, a love story, betrayal, a jewelry heist, a ghost story, mysterious women, and an old sketchbook. Jumping time, point of view, and dimensions, this book is a complex story beautifully woven together. It's so good I already can't wait to reread it.

Carpe Demon, Julie Kenner

2 Stars

Sometimes you need something dumb and this was certainly it. It's like if Buffy the Vampire Slayer became a soccer mom except it's all about demons instead of vamps, making it inherently less sexy. Anyway, it was just okay. I'd just finished two extraordinary books, so the bar was pretty high. If you're looking for something fun and easy with a likable lead, this is it. I'll definitely read the others in the series, I'm just not clamoring to do it right now.

How to Set a Fire and Why, Jesse Bell

2 Stars

I was drawn in by the cover, I was let down by literally everything else. It's just not good, guys, and I'm a sucker for an angsty teen. I just never connected with the lead.

A Wise Man's Fear, Patrick Rothfuss

2 Stars

Oh, boy. Okay. The Name of the Wind was my jam last year. I flew through that one in a week and could not wait until I had time to devote the same attention to this one. Which brings us to April. Yes, I started this one in April. Look, I had questions that I needed addressed and I needed a week to devote to this book. It took me three and half months to get through it. And I had to resort to audio to do it. This book is 1107 pages long and perhaps 150 of them are important to the actual frame story. I love a good tangent. You should hear LeRoux and I on writing days. It's nothing but tangents. However, this book is comprised almost exclusively of tangents. I still have the same questions I had at the end of book one and won't be in any hurry to read the third and final book in the series. Not that it's written yet, so I guess that's okay.

Overall, not my best month. We're coming in at a 3.2 star average. But, man, those 5 star books really earned it. So, read them!

Did you miss my last update? No worries. You can read it here.

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