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It's a big day for the general fiction category. An adult debut from an award-winning young adult author, a book I chose based solely on the cover, and a collection of stories.

Gravity is the Thing, Jaclyn Moriarty

Look, I admire anyone who can jump genres. Once you've established yourself as a certain type of author - and you're pretty good at it - it takes a lot of guts to abandon ship and try something new. Jaclyn Moriarty has been compared to Maria Semple, Rainbow Rowell, and Gail Honeyman; that's extraordinarily good company.

Twenty years ago, just before her sixteenth birthday, Abi's brother went missing without a trace. Soon after, she began receiving chapters from a guidebook. Over the span of two decades, Abi experienced life's trials and tribulations, but continued receiving chapters from the anonymous source. When the opportunity arises for her to meet the author and other recipients of the Guidebook, she can't resist. But it doesn't go as Abi planned.

Night Soil, Dale Peck

This book had me at art deco train tunnel, it kept me with "family secrets, and art world wealth." Secretive, scandalous rich people get me every time. I suppose because I am none of those things.

The art world is captivated by Dixie Stammers and her perfectly sculpted pots. < this sounds like an innuendo. It is not. She makes pots by hand and, despite using no tools or measuring devices, they are perfectly round and identical. It still sounds like an innuendo. I don't know. Let's move on to the son. Dixie's son Judas is a quiet, shy boy. He attends The Academy, an all-boys private school started by his grandfather. Looking for answers, Judas begins digging into the family's past as well as the history of the school. He doesn't like what he finds.

This is Not America, Jordi Punti

Again, I was drawn in by the cover. But not in a good way. This one disturbs me a little and, sometimes, I think that's a good thing. I don't read short story collections very often, but I love the idea of them. So, maybe I'll get around to this one at some point.

Stories of heartbreak. Secrets in a briefcase. Letters from a long-lost brother - hey, I accidentally stumbled upon the running thread of this post. I love it when that happens. With his vivid imagination, Jordi Punti takes us from Spain, to America, and back again.

Alright, the next two weeks will be devoted to OUR upcoming releases and I'm pretty excited about it.

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