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On the Road to Grammarville by debut author M. Rhoda is available TODAY.

This book / coloring book talks kids through grammar while simultaneously bringing the fun.

The town of Grammarville holds a yearly celebration. The Royal Italics are there. The "Quotation Marks Brothers" are there, performing on their trumpets. When Mr. Period meets unexpected obstacles along the way, he calls on some unexpected friends for help.

This interactive coloring book allows children to explore punctuation in a fun way. So, maybe they won't be quite so intimidated next time they come across a semicolon.

Here's what one advance reader had to say:

"This book is an awesome educational tool for children learning grammar. It would also fit the category of a coloring book or interactive educational tool. So satisfied with this purchase."

M. Rhoda will be making a few appearances in Charleston. You can catch her at The Daily Dose this Thursday at 6:00 PM and at the Charleston Public Library on the 17th. Stay tuned for more opportunities to get your hands on On the Road to Grammarville.

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