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The Greatest Stery Ever Told

5s, 5s, 5s across the board!

Alright, no book review this week because I've been too busy getting this little bebe ready for release.

Cerming to an Amazon near you: Turrible Seasons: An Ermahgerd Ermnibus by Lynx & LeRoux (us).

We decided to combine our four little books into one brilliant omnibus. Mostly so we could say ermnibus. Because who doesn't want to say ermnibus?

Synopsis, in brief:

It’s 1993 and Kimmy Livengood is so excited to start seventh grade; she and her best friend Becky will finally be going to the same school, she’s logging plenty of volunteer hours at the library, and she’s on track to make it to the regional Magic: The Gathering tournament next summer. Kimmy is living her best life and making the most of all her opportunities, despite her mild speech impediment.

When Kimmy goes on a back-to-school shopping trip with Becky and her friends, things take a turn when Kimmy finds a dead body. Was it an accident? Was it murder? Detectives Jones and Finnigan arrive on the scene to find out.

Now the Detectives must beat the clock as the bodies begin to pile up in the otherwise peaceful town of Spring Valley. The suspects are few, the clues are even fewer. Will Carl Jones and Jake Finnigan catch the perpetrator before it’s too late for Kimmy Livengood?

Full of laughs, heart, and plenty of clowns, Turrible Seasons: An Ermahgerd Ermnibus will have you one the edge of your seat, craving a hot pretzel, and considering enrolling in clown college.

Because I'm all about tooting our own horns (toot, toot), here's what folks who've read our books have to say:

"I've read four books my whole life. Fall: An Ermahgerd Merstery is the best one." - Joe Valentini

"This sweet little gem is a must read! Hysterical deadpan humor with a sly sincerity, Kimmy is a new favorite heroine! Love the 90s cultural references that are ‘sprinkled’ throughout. Cannot wait for the next installment!" - Corey B. Klein

"Kimmy is a queen and my hero, and Winter is a wonderful continuation of the world's second greatest mystery... the greatest being crabbin'. What in the hell is crabbin'? I can't wait to learn the answers to this and more in the next books!" - Taylor Henry

"Sauciers, rodeo clowns, and librarians!! What more could you ask for from a book? Oh you want more? Ok, add in drama, cliffhangers, and some epic comments that made me choke on my coffee." - Teacher Sis

"Spring is a Spring Valley treasure. The third installment has me counting the days to Summer. And that ending!!" - Elizabeth Templeton

"Well Summer is over and the mystery's solved and now what will I do with my life? All hail Kimmy and Curl and Cindy Crawford because I'm starting to believe she's my kindred spirit. Also, as a former M:TG tournament player I can confirm that Lynx & Leroux's depictions of that glorious game are 100% accurate, down to the shiny 20-sider. I won't say too much about Summer so I don't spoil the ending but if you aren't reading this majestic quadology are you even living?" - Taylor again because she writes the best reviews.

You get the idea. People like us. They really like us!

So, if you love ridiculous, if murder mysteries with heart are your jam, even if you only read books exclusively about rodeo clowns, Lynx and LeRoux have you covered, y'all.

That Amazon link is live, so go ahead and order it here! Puhlease and thank you.

Alright, y'all. I have work to do.

Okay, byeeeeeeee!

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