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Reading Challenge: September Reads

Goal: 52

Current Count: 46

#FashionVictim, Amina Akhtar, 4 stars

#FashionVictim was one of my famous Book of the Month selections that I am roughly eighteen months behind on. It's fine. I'll get to them all eventually. So, this book is coo-coo bananas. The killer is unstable as heck, unreliable, and completely unhinged. She's also impeccably dressed and a decent writer. Look, as the co-author of the Ermahgerd Merstery series, my tolerance for ridiculous is high. The deaths in #FashionVictim make killing someone with an ice skate or a cream pie seem pedestrian. If you're looking for a quick read that will leave you kind of baffled, this is the one.

Miracle Creek, Angie Kim, 3 stars

Another BotM selection. Another debut. Miracle Creek had all the makings of a great court room drama, but it fizzled out. For me, it was about thirty pages too long in the middle. I did like the ending, though.

The Incendiaries, R.O. Kwon, 2 stars

Cults and domestic terrorism, this book should be interesting. Too bad it wasn't Another debut that's been on my list for a minute. I so wanted to like this book, but it never grabbed my attention. Also, the author chose not to punctuate the dialogue, which is a big turn off for me.

My Name isTrouble, James Taylor & Marco Sparks, 5 glorious stars

My Name is Trouble was my book club's September pick. The discussion was lively, the food was delicious, the answers were few. You guys, do yourself a solid and read this book. Clever doesn't even really begin to describe it.

Then She Was Gone, Lisa Jewell, 4 stars

Man, I'm really knocking out those 2018 BotM selections. TSWG is your basic thriller. There's murder most foul and plenty of twists and turns. I enjoyed that the narrative switched POVs, so the reader got all sides of the crazy, bananas story.

Murder with Peacocks, Donna Andrews, 1 star and a lot of regret

Okay, Donna Andrews writes murder mysteries with titles like Six Geese a Slaying and Stork Raving Mad. I love puns. The fact that she had roughly thirty books about bird puns really excited me. I should have never opened a book and continued to rejoice in the cleverness of the titles. To sum it up, this is a story about an amateur wedding planner who likes the guy in the dress shop but won't pursue him because she heard he was gay. It is painfully obvious that he is not. Oh, and an old woman no one knew or liked was murdered, but it took a third of the book to get there.

A Kept Woman, Karin Slaughter, 2 stars

While I was reading this book, I was into it. Now that it's been a couple of weeks or so, I don't remember much about it. After I listened to it, I realized it's the eighth book featuring this Will character. It's certainly not necessary to read them in order, but maybe a little background on Will would have made the story stick a little more.

The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick, Mallory O'Meara

The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a monster classic. Until now, we didn't know much about the creation of the monster. O'Meara changed that. I loved this story; it's a great fall read.

Alright, I'm only a few books away from my goal. Stay tuned to see what I read in October!

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