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It's time for some folklore, henny!

Charlaine LeRoux, from Lynx & LeRoux fame, is back with Folklore: A Field Guide.

So, what's it about? Let's get in to it.

First, a note from the author: "I’ve always loved folklore. Ever since I was a little LeRoux, my grandma told me stories from all different cultures all over the world and I’ve loved every minute. Granny Dupoix always said that you could tell a lot about a culture by the stories they tell each other."

"Three years ago, on my birthday, Granny Dupoix and I sat on her porch sipping bourbon when she looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “I expect you’re old enough to handle this now,” she said as she handed me a package wrapped in brown paper. I knew what it was the minute she handed it to me. Her folklore journal. I had been begging to borrow it for years so I could retrace Granny’s steps and see some of these epic creatures for myself. I could hardly believe it. This was an actual childhood dream come true."

So, readers, here it is. Granny's journals, with additional notes and illustrations from Charlaine. Available for the first time in print. And, readers, trust. You're going to want the print version. It's full of even more extras than the digital copy.

What can you expect from Foklore: A Field Guide? Scary stories just in time for Halloween, like the legend of the Black-Eyed Children and the Candy Lady; ghouls and goblins; super cute fun guys who are mostly trying to be helpful; animals; and never before recorded interviews with creatures from across the globe.

And adorable, if not entirely accurate, illustrations. I mean, who doesn't love a sentient Japanese umbrella? He is precious and just wants to be friends. I would very much like to be friends with him and I don't even particularly care for umbrellas.

The Field Guide is not only super informative, but also packed with that signature Lynx & LeRoux humor. So, information that is also entertainment. Infotainment, if you will. Which is one of my favorite portmanteus. For those not familiar, a portmanteau is either a large trunk or a combo word. I personally enjoy both of those things.

Back to folklore. I have had the pleasure of previewing Charlaine's Folklore Friday blogs for almost a year and when she stopped doing the series, I missed them. It was an absolute joy working on this book with her. She really took it to the next level with the bonus features. I can't wait to get my hands on a finished copy.

Folklore: A Field Guide is available on Amazon or, if you're local, we will have paperback copies available later this week.

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