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Reading Challenge: October Reads

Goal: 52

Current Count: 50

An Anonymous Girl, Hendricks and Pekkanen

2 Stars.

Sara signs up for a psychological study hoping to make some quick cash. She finds herself more entwined with the psychologist and their drama, unable to back out of the study. The book held my interest but, just like this pair's first book, I found the ending weak. It was...okay.

We Are Water, Wally Lamb

5 Stars.

Wow. You guys. The only thing I can say about this book is it is deeply upsetting and also one of the most beautiful books I've ever read.

So, here's the tea. We Are Water needs to come with about forty-three trigger warnings. Annie Oh is fifty-five years old. She's left her husband for a woman. Her adult children are varying degrees of comfortable with the situation. This book is about so much more, though. Wally Lamb has a way of making you dig deep and get uncomfortable. He's a brilliant writer; it's usually worth it. However, this book gets into some graphic detail of child abuse. So, readers, tread lightly and take care of yourselves, okay?

The Chain, Adrian McKinty

3 Stars

I live for pyschological thrillers. The Chain has all the makings of a very good one. The premise is, your child is kidnapped, you are contacted by the kidnappers who insist you pay a ransom and kidnap another child. Once you have done your part and your target's parents have kidnapped a child, your baby child is set free. And that's that. Except your left with constant fear and paranoia and a dab of PTSD. You can't go to the cops because members of the chain will kill you with a quickness. Plus, you're a kidnapper. In fact, you were paid a percentage of your target's ransom and there's the deposit trail to prove. It's a pretty solid business model developed by two psychopaths.

The back half of the book is where the author lost me. The masterminds behind the chain go from cold-blooded pyschopaths with no feelings to Boris and Natasha. It's a weird choice. I mean, I like Boris and Natasha, but it seemed like a big character shift from people who, as children, threw a baby off of a ship and thought nothing of it to cartoon people who sit around twirling their mustaches.

Readers, that is all I read for the entire month of October. It's sad, but Wally Lamb was both literally and figuratively massive. We also had three author releases come out in October and I was preparing for NaNoWriMo which, in typical me fashion, I am already behind on. Look for an update on our NaNoWriMo adventures on Wednesday.

Have no clue what a NaNoWriMo is? Check out our blog.

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