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National Novel Writing Month

In the writing world, November is known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. I absolutely cannot get behind that abbreviation, so I'm going to call it November.

So, what is November? Well, it's my favorite month and also a great time to kick-start your writing career, pick up that manuscript you abandoned six months ago (it me), or polish a book you've been meaning to finish, but were unsure how. November is a month full of writer support all over Instagram and Twitter. Writer's Digest's October issue is brimming with tips and tricks to prep for November. What I'm saying is, in the writing world, it is a pretty big deal. Such a big deal that, for the first time ever, Jessica and I are both going to participate. You see, Jessica has been working on a detective book since last year. I started a psychological thriller featuring a detective I'm pretty jazzed about earlier this year. The problem is, we get busy helping other authors with their books or I get wrapped up in Lynx & LeRoux shenanigans and our books become projects we'll get to later. Well, later is officially here. Well, it will be in about ten days.

For the month of November, we are not working on client books. We are not getting into too many Lynx & LeRoux shenanigans.* We are focusing on our forgotten projects. The idea behind National Novel Writing Month is to begin on November 1, with a completed outline, write to at least your word count goal every day and, by November 30, you should have a rough draft ready to go. The idea of November is not to have a publishable book by December 1, but a draft that can then we worked out. For Jessica and I that means that, on December 1, we will trade books and begin the first rounds of edits on each other's works. Then it's on to rewrites and revisions, a second round of editing, promoting, designing a cover, beta testing the book, doing another round of edits and revisions, proofing, setting a release date, and booking a signing. All of this needs to happen before the book hits those digital shelves. You guys, it's a lot. So, yes, our books will be "finished" on December 1, but finishing the book is really just the beginning. Thankfully, it's work I love doing, so that makes it a lot easier to do it, you know?

So, readers, if the blogs become scarce, it the emails take longer to get answered, don't give up on us. We're simply two competitive people who have put ourselves in a competitive situation with the intention of "winning" at writing.

So, Jessica, as Mama Ru says, "Good luck, and don't funk it up."

*Lynx & LeRouxnatics, don't fret. There is always, always time for L&L shenanigans. In fact, in addition to writing a book in November, I'm also working with LeRoux on a Kimmy Christmas Collection that is sure to please all seven of our fans. Look for it in mid-December!

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