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NaNoWriMo: Week 2 Update

Week two of NaNoWriMo has come and gone. And I'm still behind.

Look, we had a book con last Saturday and I was busy setting up a small retail location at Rags 'n Roses Collective, so I'm cutting myself some slack.

On Monday, I was, for the most part, off work. I'm never truly off work, though. Between the social media posting, the emails, the business stuff that needs to be done, I don't think I've truly had a day off since 2017. And that's okay because I love my job and I'm happy to work hard (and constantly) for what Jessica and I are doing. That said, I was planning on having a super lazy Monday.

But that totally didn't happen.

We didn't have internet, you see. I don't know why we didn't have internet, but we didn't. And it was the perfect day to HAVE internet. Rainy, cold, gloomy, the perfect day to stay in and watch movies. Except we had no internet. So, instead, I wrote. And, you guys, I knocked out close to four thousand words (and I'm sure they're all perfect and brilliant) without really even trying.

Turns out, internet is a huge distraction and time suck. I knew that, of course, but it's crazy to think how much I got accomplished in a matter of hours without Instagram and email notifications.

My hella productive Monday brought my word count total to a measly seventeen thousand, well below the goal. The goal, though, was arbitrary to begin with, so I'm not overly concerned. What concerns me most is creating interesting, compelling characters that the reader will actually care about. LeRoux and I have done that with our Ermahgerd Merstery series, and I think I've done it with this one as well. I won't know for sure until someone else reads it, but we're still a few weeks away from that anxiety-inducing experience, so I'm not going to think too much about it.

I've left Jessica alone for a few days so she could get some work done on her book. The last time we discussed it, she was sitting around the same word count me. However, she's more of a write ten thousand words a day then take a day off type, so who knows how many she'd written now? I also don't care about that. I care about her characters. See, her book has been in the works for a few years now. We've been talking about her book since 2016. We've just been too busy publishing other people for her to work on it. So I'm excited to see what she's going to accomplish with this month off from publishing others.

Um, that's not exactly true. Lynx & LeRoux have a Christmas collection hitting the digital shelves in a few weeks. It's written - LeRoux and I knocked it out last week. The cover has been designed, I just need to read through it a couple more times. And I did just finish uploading a cute little Christmas book by Hazel Lee that will make a perfect little stocking stuffer. So, yeah, we're not taking off completely to focus on us, more like 70% off to focus on us. Because we still gotta pay those bills, ya'll!

Okay, back to writing.

#NationalNovelWritingMonth #NaNoWriMo #mysteryseries #Mystery #Christmas

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