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NaNoWriMo: Week 4 Update

Week four. The final week. Look, neither of us are finished, but we're both close. So, it's more like National Novel Writing Month plus a handful of days. And that's totally okay. While we're talking about National Novel Writing Month, I have a few questions. Who chose November? First of all, there are six perfectly good months with thirty-one days. An extra day would be nice. Why not pick one of those? Also, why November? It's a busy month. Thanksgiving is one of the big three holiday-wise. Who decided to put a near impossible task like writing a book in thirty days (it totally could have been thirty-one) in the same month as Thanksgiving.

Normally, my Thanksgiving consists of waking up late and sitting around for a while before eventually heading to a family member's house. Easy. Nothing to it. This year, however, is different. I'm cooking at our house. I'm making dinner for two, which should be easy, right? It's not. My husband was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He is on a restricted diet. A diet that includes no meat, no dairy, and, more difficult to pull off, no processed foods. So, everything, and I mean everything, has to be made from scratch. Look, I'm a huge fan of the cranberry sauce in a can; you know, the one that retains its can shape long after being jiggled free. I love the stuff. He can't have it. We're both super into Stove Top. Can't have that either. If we want stuffing, I have to make the bread ahead of time so it gets a little stale. I just realized I forgot to do that, so no stuffing for us this year. Because of his diet, I spend roughly eight hours a week shopping or food prepping. It's amazing how often you have to go shopping when nothing you eat has preservatives.

Also new for us this year is the three day trip we're taking with parents. We'll be gone Friday through Sunday; of course I'm taking my laptop, but I have no idea how much writing I'll be able to do.

So, what I'm saying is, why not August? No holidays, I live in Arkansas so it's miserable weather-wise, August isn't a huge month for movie releases. August is nothing. I feel like there are fewer distractions in August. I'm going to start a petition.

So, like I said, neither of us are actually going to complete the task. But that's fine. We're finishing the month 90% finished with our books and that's just going to have to be good enough. We're shooting for a later winter/early spring release, so get ready for all the promotional stuff that comes with releasing a book.

Okay, readers, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have veggie scraps to boil and dough to knead!

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