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American Gods: Episode Five

With Monday being a holiday and Tuesday being book release day, I'm late with my AG blog. Thanks to a Tuesday evening cup of coffee, I'm wide awake at 3:30 on a Wednesday morning, so I thought this would be the perfect time to get caught up.

This week's episode began with a beautiful CGI sequence about a very, very old god, Nunyunnini. The opening follows a group of people, led by a woman named Atsula, as they cross the land bridge from Siberia to, what is now, America. Nunyunnini takes the form of giant mammoth skull, which the people carry into the new world. As time passes, the people begin to forget about Nunyunnini; once the skull is completely forgotten, Nunyunnini dies. As the battle between the old and new gods grows closer, this "Coming to America" vignette perfectly illustrates what's at stake for Mr. Wednesday and the rest of the old gods.

In episode five, the new gods are heavily featured. Technical Boy gets confronted by Media about how it is totally not okay to lynch someone, and he needs to apologize to Shadow. Oh, I should mention this lecture is delivered almost entirely in David Bowie lyrics. Wham, bam thank you, ma'am.

Meanwhile, Shadow is still a little confused about how his dead wife is back. She's like "It's fine. Don't over think it. I'm going to soak in hot water so I maybe don't seem as dead." While they're talking, the cops show up to arrest Shadow and Mr. Wednesday for bank robbery. Also, Shadow has violated basically all the terms of his probation.

Mr. Wednesday starts playing his confused old man angle the second they get to the interrogation room. The police aren't really buying it; they leave he and Shadow handcuffed to the table. Mr. Wednesday begins pleading with Mr. Nancy to hurry up. He's there. In spider form, picking the handcuff locks. Just as he springs Mr. Wednesday, Mr. World, the leader of the new gods, shows up with Media, now taking the form of Marilyn Monroe, and Technical Boy. I've been waiting on Mr. World since the series began, and he did not disappoint. Played by the always kind of creepy Crispin Glover, Mr. World wants the squash the beef between the old and the new. His bringing Tech Boy along to apologize to Shadow is a bit of a peace offering. He and his crew did brutally murder everyone else in the police station so peace may not be the right word, but he tried.

While all this is happening, back at the motel, Mad Sweeney confronts Laura Moon wanting his coin back. She says "no way" and proceeds to kick his butt. Though she be but little, she is fierce. Mad Sweeney is both shocked and embarrassed to be losing a fight to someone a third his size. He throws her in the bathtub, holding her under the water, yelling at her to give his coin back. The officers, who were fortunate enough to not be at the station when Mr. World showed up, burst through the door, finding a giant man drowning a woman in a bathtub. Laura plays dead, which is easy since she is, in fact, dead. Mad Sweeney gets arrested, Laura gets taken to the morgue. Both end up escaping. The police become distracted when they get back to the station to find it completely dark, everyone dead, and their prisoners are gone. Laura simply kicks open her freezer door and leaves; much to the surprise of the morgue attendant.

I'm interested to see if Mr. World can convince Mr. Wednesday and the rest of the old gods that all gods should work together. I'm also interested to see how the relationship between Media and Tech Boy plays out; they obviously have different personal agendas and different methods of reaching their goals.

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