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Give the Gift of Local Lit

Christmas is just around the corner. What better gift for the reader in your life than the gift of local lit. Our area is brimming with talent, and we are fortunate enough to represent a handful of these talented folks.

So, let's get started, shall we?

First up, staff writers Lynx & LeRoux. Do you love ridiculous? Is insanity your jam? Do you exclusively read books about rodeo clowns? If so, Lynx & LeRoux is for you!

Turrible Seasons: An Ermahgerd Ermnibus tells the story of Kimmy as she navigates the trials and tribulations of both junior high and being the target of a mad man.

In October the pair released Folklore: A Field Guide for those on your list who like a little humor with their legends.

Oh, and they also managed to write a Christmas collection. Somehow. Turrible Seasons and Folklore are available at Rags n' Roses, all titles available on Amazon.

To keep up with all things Lynx & LeRoux, check out their website

Ronald Pollworth is the author of two western novels based on the journals left behind by his Great-Uncle Charlie.

Heartache Along the Cannonball is the first in the series. He recently released the thrilling conclusion, Getting On.

Heartache Along the Cannonball is available at Bookish and Chapters on Main.

Both books are available at Rags n' Roses Collective in Greenwood.

Check out a full synopsis here.

Kevin Johnson, originally from Booneville, AR, has taken his home town by storm with his debut novel, The Hill.

Set at the former tuberculosis sanatorium, The Hill holds a special interest for anyone with a personal connection to the facility, a love of history, or if you like a good time travel twist.

His newest novel, Bridging the Gap, is set right here in Fort Smith.

Eric works in IT at the local hospital. He has a routine and, frankly, a bad attitude. Both are forever changed when he meets a young boy. Trevor doesn't say a word, but with his silence, he begins to open Eric's eyes to what he's been missing all along.

Both titles are available at Bookish, Chapters on Main, and Rags n' Roses.

M.C. Woodward is a master of satire. His novel, Landfall in Oblivion, proves as much.

Nomads is a collection of Woodward's writing spanning decades; poetry, short stories, a play, this collection has it all.

Both are available at Bookish and Rags n' Roses Collective.

Long time realtor, first time author. Hazel Brown began blogging a few years ago. This year, she took the next step by publishing a collection of her blogs focused on growing up in the south, being a Boomer in a Millennial world, her love of animals, flowers, her family, and her faith.

Sweet Tea & Jesus is the perfect gift for the person on your list who could use a little pick me up. While some of her stories have a sad tone, Hazel is forever an optimists. She'll ultimately leave you feeling hopeful.

She's also written a little Christmas book. You can get it here.

Her books are available at Bookish,

Rags n' Roses, and just about everywhere else in town!

M. Rhoda came to us with the idea for a book on grammar. The result is her adorable coloring book, On the Road to Grammarville.

Using points of punctuation, M. Rhoda guides kiddos (and some adults) through the function of periods, commas, and even those elusive semi-colons.

Available at Rags n' Roses.

If memoirs are your thing, Greeta Catherine Russell is the author for you. I Am Lazarus documents her grief as she goes through the harrowing experience of losing a child. Laz is a raw look at the author's grief process, but it is also full of hope.

Missy Ritchie-Nicholas spend years looking for love. While waiting for the love of her life, she documented her search in her essay collection, Letters to Love.

Both women have gone on to share their stories with the public, attending women's conferences and speaking at events.

Both titles are available for purchase at Rags n' Roses Collective in Greenwood.

Speaking of love, staff writer Victoria Harper has been busy. Last March she released the complete Heart of the Matter Collection and hit us with a second chance romance in September. Both are available on Amazon.

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And a gift to you, here's a free download of Lynx & LeRoux's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Enjoy and happy holidays from all of us at Tipsy Mockingbird Books.

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